On June 12, 2012 an injustice was done to a poor dog named Lennox and his family. A horrible case of BSL (breed specific legislation) that removed an innocent dog from his home and left him to languish in substandard conditions for 2 years while his family fought for his return. Uncorroborated testimony, lies and a complete lack of honest judgment for the last 2 years has resulted in the final word – Lennox will be put to sleep. No valid reason – no proof of aggression – this was a loved pet who served as an aide for a little girl.

This page is to let Belfast know that animal lovers all over the world are angry and that we will not support them in any way – EVER. We well never travel to their city – some will even not come to the country, we will not endorse you in any way. Unless something is done to make this injustice right.


Names have been emailed twice today so far – keep them coming!

NOTE: FOR THOSE CLAIMING THIS PAGE IS A FRAUD THEN FEEL FREE TO DO SO. I NEVER CLAIMED THE IMAGES ABOVE WERE OF LENNOX! For those of you not aware – it would be a COPYRIGHT violation for me to use images of Lennox without the authorization of his owners – the images above are images of pit bulls – showing THEIR support for LENNOX! Continue to try and defraud me and you will be reported for harassment.

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Does that mean that any dog with a wide head will be dragged away from those he loves, from a safe and caring home, to be thrown into a prison and tended by people conditioned to scare him, so he will react with fear, so they can prove something, and all dogs will be freely killed.

    Get out of this country people. You might have the width of your head measured next, just like they in Germany. Thought you were safe little pup. No they changed the rules.

    The people who run this particular show suck. High court judge or not.

    • This whole situation is out of control! Lennox didn’t do a thing to deserve this. He is one of God’s creatures. Just remember people we all have to answer for things we have done here on earth! I don’t care what religion you are the point is accountability. We are all accountable for our own actions! Lennox did nothing wrong–nothing wrong! Oh lord please watch over Lennox in this is his time of need.

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