UPDATE: July 11, 2012

I am horrified to have to say I am part of the human race that today killed an innocent dog. Lennox was “supposedly” humanely euthanized early this morning – his body will not be returned to the owners, a final visit was not given and they are going to “maybe” send the ashes to them. This whole thing is a travesty on every level and the more I read the more I believe that Lennox may have been killed long ago. Lennox, sweet boy, you are in a BETTER place – run free and look down on us often to see that you are not gone in vain. We will work tirelessly to find the truth – to find justice by overturning BSL and by BOYCOTTING THE VERY AREA that murdered you. You were loved!


On June 12, 2012 an injustice was done to a poor dog named Lennox and his family. A horrible case of BSL (breed specific legislation) that removed an innocent dog from his home and left him to languish in substandard conditions for 2 years while his family fought for his return. Uncorroborated testimony, lies and a complete lack of honest judgment for the last 2 years has resulted in the final word – Lennox will be put to sleep. No valid reason – no proof of aggression – this was a loved pet who served as an aide for a little girl.

This page is to let Belfast know that animal lovers all over the world are angry and that we will not support them in any way – EVER. We well never travel to their city – some will even not come to the country, we will not endorse you in any way. Unless something is done to make this injustice right.


Names have been emailed twice today so far – keep them coming!

NOTE: FOR THOSE CLAIMING THIS PAGE IS A FRAUD THEN FEEL FREE TO DO SO. I NEVER CLAIMED THE IMAGES ABOVE WERE OF LENNOX! For those of you not aware – it would be a COPYRIGHT violation for me to use images of Lennox without the authorization of his owners – the images above are images of pit bulls – showing THEIR support for LENNOX! Continue to try and defraud me and you will be reported for harassment.

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  1. I just cannot believe how heartless one can be.I have animals ,and they are like children to me.How can you do this to a family .And especially to a poor innocent dog..Just totally NOT exceptable.

  2. Write backwards the word DOG = GOD they are what we humans want them to be, they have a little soul please have mercy… Call Cesar Millan the dog whisper… He’ll explain it to all of you ….

  3. May each and every one of you burn in eternal hell!!!
    Lennox you were LOVED by world and we will never forget or let Belfort forget what they did to you. RIP my little angel you and now free to be you..

  4. You people should give your heads a shake and be ashamed at what you have done and are doing. Get educated and make proper decisions. You should start focusing on the over population of animals and stop killing innocent ones. If Lennox does happen to get put down, I hope you are all not cowards. Look into his eyes and try live with yourself afterwards, and know that you are the reason that this has happened.

  5. This is such a DISGRACE! This poor dog did NOTHING wrong & then he was part labrador also & he is punished for his breed? He also helped the family’s daughter & they gave this poor family no RESPECT or comfort when they needed it most? Maybe just maybe 1 day something will happen to 1 of their children or family members which is what Lennox was & they will receive the same treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is an inhumane thing happening. The dog is innocent. At least let him go somewhere where he can live out his life in peace and happiness. He hasn’t hurt or done anything wrong.

  7. Lennox should be let out because he did nothing wrong to anybody! he never bite anyone, he never showed sines of aggression to anyone, and he is innocent. so do me a favor and let him go and return him to his family.

  8. Eu acho que não devia fazer isso por favor eu vou dar a minha assinatura pois isso nao ta curreto os humanos so querem o mundo para eles!Isso nao esta correto se os cães foram criados e para viverem,e so falecerem kuyuado envelhecerem!

  9. What species of unthinking beings are you in Belfast who would kill an innocent dog in this cavalier manner? Why would you break the hearts of Lennox’s family by ripping him away from them for no reason other than his appearance? In humans, this would be called racism and his death would be called a lynching. Shame on Ireland, Belfast, and the Irish for this act of animal cruelty. Lennox has at last been freed from his prison and his torturers–RIP, Lennox.

  10. Está assinado, vamos salvar esse pobre cão..que não sabe o que está acontecendo e também não sabe o que está fazendo, só segue os seus instinto…o pior é o homem que fazem atrocidades sabendo plenamente o que está fazendo!!!!!

  11. This is so frustrating to me. I am sickened over the lack of education and the injustice to this beautiful dog. The justices is this case are no different than Hitler ordering Jewish people to die. This dogs only crime was being born. It is a prejudiced, racist, uninformed decision. This dog has been living in terrible conditions all this time while his family fights for him, wondering where they are and why they havent brought him home. It is cruel and inhumane. I will never visit any part of Ireland or spend any money on any product that comes from or is made in Ireland. I used to be proud of my Irish Heritage and now I am saddened by the Irish blood running through my veins.

  12. I have followed Lennox’ story since this all began two years ago, & I have never been able to understand why this innocent dog has been incarcerated in the way he has for being accused as a ‘type.’ This is discrimination & it’s immorally wrong, we, as humans, should never discriminate against anybody otherwise we find ourselves in trouble with the law & quite rightly so. Lennox is a family dog, he belongs to a young disabled girl who depended on him for so much, friendship, companionship, comfort & above all, she LOVED him. Lennox never harmed a hair on her head or hurt anybody, so how can the decision to have him destroyed be justified……………it can’t. Lennox’ family did everything the law required, they also did nothing wrong, quite the opposite, they did all the right things by him. BSL is wrong, it’s outdated, every dog is different, & in this case Lennox should never have been taken away, so give this lovely sweet dog the chance to live, NOT put him to death. Humans tell lies…………….animals don’t, & that IS the truth. Thank you.

  13. As much terrorism and heartbreak as Belfast has suffered, it’s a shame they would inflict such pain on innocent people and their dog. Have your hearts become so hardened you perpetrate cruelty yourselves?

  14. I’m so sorry for your country i personally would leave i divorced my husband because he wanted to get rid of the family dog i say make a new life with you doggie i’m in california usa. I could not bear living in a place that could kill a member of my family just for being a member of the family forget belfast and run fast

  15. Those of you responsible for Lennox’s death need to reconsider. You are now viewed by the rest of the world as “cruel and unusual”.

  16. Are you horrified and angry about the injustice done to Lennox by Belfast? Do you want them to know how you feel? here is your chance to let them know! A compiled list of thoughts and confirmations of the affect that their unjust and corrupt decision has made on their future may be what they need to see their wrongdoing!

  17. If this innocent dog is killed because of its looks nothing to do with temperament surly we will be opening a whole can of worms for more innocent dogs to be destroyed. This should be deed not breed BSL is crazy it maybe PBT at the top of the list now but how long before mastifs dobermans and other powerful breeds suffer the same fate?

  18. Vou fazer o que puder para que o Brasil todo veja e ajude na luta para salvar esse pequeno principe!

  19. This is horrid….on top of everything you won’t allow the family to see him. Don’t discriminate against a breed of dogs. When dogs are in a loving home and not mistreated, they will be loving.

  20. I am disgusted and ashamed at how my city’s council and judges have dealt with this matter even going so far as to allow perjury (the photos showing the woman with Lennox trying to snuggle up to her).
    This FARCE has GOT to end and Lennox MUST be allowed to GO HOME or be REHOMED.
    Even in states in the US which have banned pits, people are given to opportunity to find actual pit bulls a home in another state to prevent an innocent dog being destroyed.
    Lennox is NOT a pit bull and there are many people who are willing to take him.


  21. it is so unfair. I would not travel to this country and so is my friends and the people who knows about this matter until this country recognize that justice has to be done to the poor animals. Words will be spread.

  22. I am disgusted and horrified with the decision and actions of the Belfast Police and it’s Courts decision in Lennox’s case. There is no supported evidence that this animal should be put to sleep except his misfortune to be the breed he is.

    This has made me cancel my visit to Ireland with my dogs planned for this year. I will not visit a country that supports this type of persecution of breeds. It should always be deed not breed!!

    I am DISGUSTED, HORRIFIED and ASHAMED to be a member of the race that persecutes other races or species!!!!!!

  23. Isso é um absurdo, que Deus pese sua mão sobre as cabeças de vocês, um animal que nunca fez mal a ninguem, nada justifica tamanha crueldade.

  24. Going to London for the Olympics but will be cancelling our side trip to Ireland! Too appalled at what this represents! Will you arrest me too for looking different? Your economy’s loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Belfast Council should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. You claim to be a civilized society. Well, your actions prove otherwise. Hang your heads in shame.

  26. I am very disappointed on your poor decision on dog’s race. You have NO right to take the dog away. Nobody complained about Lennox. He didn’t show aggressive signs. The family cares about him and loves him. They treat him right way. You can’t take someone who loves the most. I am sure you will feel the same way if someone takes your child because he/she is irish looking. Think about it…If the dog is aggressive and bitten. That is different story. You have NO right to put him in pound for two years and family gave everything to fight for him come home. You ignored their loves. You focus on race…

  27. Belfast
    This so very sad and so very wrong to judge a dog by it’s breed, It’s the owner that makes the dog, and these owners should have their dog back! this dog has done nothing wrong and Pit Bulls are good dogs as good as any other breed of dogs, where is your heart? Boycott Belfast!

  28. Sou Brasileira, moro em São José do Rio Preto Estado de São Paulo e estou junto nesta luta para salvar este lindo cachorro. Que Deus abençoe a todos que estão ajudando. Sejam abençoados em nome de Jesus. SIM A VIDA. Com carinho. Angela.

  29. Chega de ignorância! Como podem condenar um pobre animal a morte. Todos nós seres vivos temos o mesmo direito a vida!

  30. I do understand the worlds concern about certain breeds but it seems unfair to ‘lump’ animals into groups, it is true many of these animals make fantastic family pets and it is often the owners who are ill informed about the animal.
    People need to be educated on animal behaviour.
    Animals need to be purchased from reputable breeders.

  31. YOU despicable people! Just know this , God will one day surely and positively hold you accountable for the unwarranted death of one of his precious creatures! I have been to Ireland more times than I can possibly count including all parts thereof and I guarantee, that you are stricken off my list of future tourism as a result of this atrocious act!
    With contempt and utter disgust,
    Elaine Al Meqdad

  32. Por favor em nome de DEUS TODO PODEROSO, peço que deixem o Lennox livre pra viver, ele é um ser; assim como todos os animais que foram enviados por DEUS, merece ser feliz ao lado de sua família que o trata com muito amor e carinho e jamais representará perigo algum á sociedade., ele é um cãozinho dócil, lindo e que só tra alegrias aos que estão ao seu redor, Autoridades Irlandesas creio que tem outros assuntos aí a serem explorados e tratados com muuito mais urgência doque esse animal que só trás amor, alegrias, e que com certeza cura qualquer doenças aos que estão ao seu redor;. DEIXEM O LENNOX VIVER COM SAÚDE E FELICIDADES E MUITO AMOR! POR FAVOR!

  33. Please admit you have made a mistake. The world is watching and would forgive that – they will NEVER forgive Northern Ireland is Lennox is put to sleep.

  34. There is no ‘bad’ breed to blame! Just bad owners and trainers ~ such a shame these people and their dog should suffer! The law’s an ass!

  35. Ignorance is the result of so many tragedies and this is no exception. Much like children dogs are a product of how they are raised and NOT what breed they are.

  36. This whole situation is the biggest crock I’ve ever seen. If they don’t want poor Lennox in their country, how about letting him be free in another??? I just don’t get it…………..

  37. I loved visiting belfast. I enjoyed the city and its people more than dublin. After hearing this goes on. I will never be back!

  38. Where’s your heart? Where’s your mercy? Where’s your kindness? Let Lennox live….let him go somewhere where he will have a full life, not a life of unjust persecution. Ah, but you won’t….you will murder him and call it justified. I’ve never been ashamed of my Irish blood…..until now.

  39. This is appalling, disgraceful and disgusting; a typical reaction by bureaucrats who just ‘follow rules’ without bothering to think, or apply a reasonable and considered approach to any given situation. How long are ‘people in power’ – however great or small – going to be allowed to get away with saying ‘I was just following orders’ ???? This is a heartbreaking case of ill treatment not only to an innocent and beloved animal, but mental cruelty to his loving owners. Shame on you Prime Minister and those in the Belfast City Council! I and many thousands of others will never set foot on your shores, buy your wares or in any way endorse anything about your country whilst you still act like savages.

  40. I am appauled by the way this city has treated this case. Poor poor Lennox. This will never be forgotton

  41. please! Free lennox! there are so many murderers who are not sentenced to a prison and you condemn a holy animal that never did anything to anyone? justice, for God’s sake!

  42. we need help a innocent animal…each attitude is very important to his life now..please..it is urgent..emergency….GOD BLESS EVERYONE THAT CAN PUT THE NAME ON THE PETITION AFTER..

  43. Please let Lennox go free, If not in your country let him be transported somewhere else then. Hasn’t this dog and family suffered enough in this last two years. He deserves a home somewhere, he doesn’t deserve to die.

  44. Please do the right thing and show some compassion for Lenox and for the family, they have all suffered enough. Show Belfast and the rest of the world who’s eyes are upon you that you can be compassionate and caring to one of gods creatures, after all this is a life you have in your hands. No one has the right to snuff out a life it’s murder….. But I have faith in you all to do the right thing and let this boy go home to his family alive… They love him so much, just think if it was your child with the threat of being killed. Please in Gods name show your humanity.

  45. Does that mean that any dog with a wide head will be dragged away from those he loves, from a safe and caring home, to be thrown into a prison and tended by people conditioned to scare him, so he will react with fear, so they can prove something, and all dogs will be freely killed.

    Get out of this country people. You might have the width of your head measured next, just like they in Germany. Thought you were safe little pup. No they changed the rules.

    The people who run this particular show suck. High court judge or not.


    • It’s horrific what’s being done. We as a world need to stand up and fight… before our own voices are silenced.

    • This whole situation is out of control! Lennox didn’t do a thing to deserve this. He is one of God’s creatures. Just remember people we all have to answer for things we have done here on earth! I don’t care what religion you are the point is accountability. We are all accountable for our own actions! Lennox did nothing wrong–nothing wrong! Oh lord please watch over Lennox in this is his time of need.

      • Lets REMND PEOPLE via tripadvisor.com and let the word know that killing and death is still in their city.. lets inject some death into their city

      • Our Daughter and her Husband have a Brindle Pit, when they come out to visit and we walk him down the street alot of people have something to say about it. He is a big baby. He thinks he is still a puppy. When you sit down you now have this 90 pound dog in you lap wanting to be loved. I have small dogs and he is scared of them at first and then he plays just like them. It’s not the breed it’s the owners and the way they treat and train the dog..

    • Sounds like the judge has too much testosterone and not enough common sense, so maybe he should be taken in and neutered! If he can sentence an innocent animal to death for committing a “crime” that never happened, how can he be trusted to rule against humans? Impeach that judge and get him out of the courts.

    • Wow fearmongering. I’m not a fan of this situation but it’s pretty out there to extrapolate this all the way to nazi Germany. To compare the two situations demeans the millions of people that died, be real with yourself. And to be even more real, given Belfast’s poor economic fortunes since the 70s, don’t you think that anyone with the mind and means to leave the city would have already? You should settle down before you give yourself a heart condition over this.

    • The whole BSL thing is so out-of-control – the “measurement” rules are so vague that even some PEOPLE would qualify as a “banned breed”.

      In the end, though, this was the fault of the BCC and the staff people involved. Even if they had a bad law to start with, there is no reason that they had to make it even worse. In fact, they should have been working on a better solution than BSL, which this case has succeeded in showing (once again) to be inhumane, cruel, costly, unworkable and an utter failure.

      Strange – if these breeds are so dangerous, you’d think us out in California would all be dead or ripped apart by now. We actually have more of these dogs in California than Northern Ireland has people – and look, no issues. We judge dogs the same way we judge people – by the content of their character, not the color (or shape) of their skin.

  46. Bitte lasst Lennox zu seiner Familie zurück-das kann doch nicht sein,bin fassungslos und schockiert über ihr vorgehen. Wie kann das sein? Seine Familie kämpft seit zwei Jahren für ihn und ihr gebt ihn nicht frei. Das ist so Kaltherzig und unsagbar traurig-diese Familie und zahlreiche Menschen bitte sie Weltweit und was passiert? Ignoranz

  47. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

    condemn a dog to death just because of his race, is an outrage to earth life!

    the human being don’t has the right to think they are the best of animals just because we only one who has the acapacidade of reasoning!

    damn bastards!

    Why not condemn to death the prisoners in your prisions? that those are a real danger to society! instead a poor dog, the human not only cause physical harm but psychological damage what is much worse is because their crimes are planned in advance andd put terror in their victims! promising to kill their families if they cooperate

    hell’s bastards!

    here in sapiranga – rio grande do sul – Brazil

    I’m watching! me and my family!

    ** I hope you send to the bastard, the judge who sentenced this poor dog to death read this text

    (sorry about my english, i hope that i make me understandable)


  48. I am signing this petition but I can’t sign and promise not to go to Belfast there are lots of ordinary great people there including my family who have suffered to much horrific stuff for many years.
    I am concerned for the ordinary people of Belfast who may lose their jobs if tourism is affected. They are not responsible for this disgusting decision by the faceless authorities …Please do not take it out on a city and its proud and brave citizens on both sides that already suffered enough.

    I am absolutely appalled that this innocent dog has been punnished when he did nothing wrong..its an absolute travesty ….deed not breed!!

  49. Hallo, ich frage mich manchmal, wo bleibt die Gerechtigkeit ??? Nur weil mann meint ein Pitbull wäre Gefährlich, soll Lennox Sterben. Es ist doch der Mensch der diese Rasse Missbraucht. Und außerdem soll auch ein Hund ne Chance erhalten, sowie ein Kinderschänder. Mit dem Kinderschänder geht mann Sozialer um. Ist mir einfach unverständlich. Ich wünschte mir mehr Achtung zu den Tieren.

  50. estas autoridades não são humanos credíveis na sociedade!! assassinam uma vida digna de todo o respeito destruindo assim todos os valores humanos!!o o (( homem é o único assassino vivente na terra)) já deu provas disso e continua a dar!! esta é a maior barbaridade praticada sobre a vida..que todos sabemos ser única e sagrada!! matar pelo simples prazer de ((matar)) senhores…somos pessoas?…ou ((coisas))sem sentimentos??? por favor!! essa vida é extremamenta necessária á vida do seio familiar onde esse animal será o apoio de uma criança especial!!! por esse motivo, esse animal tambem é especial!!!oxalá nunca seja preciso serem salvos de desastres ou guiados na cegueira por um cão!! não merecem essa sorte!! são humanos sem classificação!! vocês deveriam de serem todos abatidos!!!((são humanos…ASSASSINOS!!!! PENSEM NO QUE SÃO E NO QUE VALEM!!!

  51. this is disgusting! I had to move into another province to protect my pittbull, as I would do if someone were trying to kill anyone else in my family. they are living breathing feeling creatures as are we, to judge a dog by its breed is like judging people by race or religion, these judges are like Hitler for dogs….if you ask me I think their are some human that need to be given the death penalty before these beautiful animals.


  53. Esse juiz tem algo contra animais , se ele deu essa sentença é porque pará novamente. Não deem chance de ele vencer esta causa!

  54. You are right Bridget they are Dog hating Natzies and ought to be taken to the European court and then sent to hell. Oh poor poor Lennox.

  55. After this will we start selecting which humans “may harm” others and have them murdered as well? Will we then choose who’s life is worth living and who should be “mercy” killed? When will it stop?

  56. I used to dream about visiting Ireland. This is where my ancestors are from. But no longer. I will never go until this injustice is gone. I am only one voice, but I’m sure there are many out there just like me….

  57. eu acho um absurdo condenar um animal simplismente por ele ser de uma raça que foi classificado injustamente como violenta.
    Tenho um pitbull chamado max que como sempre digo tem personalidade, mas é doce, amigoe super fiel a minha familia.
    Tenho muito amor por ele, e tenho certeza que se não fizerem nenhuma maldade com ele não tem perigo, posso garantir.

  58. Nós somos a voz desse animal!! Ele não merece morrer!!!
    Que a nossa voz não clame no deserto do coração de alguns homens que redigiram uma lei absurda…Salvem Lennox!!!

  59. Please set an example. Spare the life of this one dog, Lennox, and it will change the lives of so many other dogs all over the world.

  60. Sou totalmente contra a morte de Lennox, essas pessoas ignorantes que devem morrer não o coitado do animal.

  61. Let’s put the peoples involved in this barbarism in a cage, no visiter’s, no kindness, only fear for company. See how they feel about that,huh?

  62. What’s next? People to be arrested based on their breeding who may commit a crime in the future? The decision made by these people in this country turn my stomach. Good luck explaining this one at the Pearly gates.

  63. Lennox…precisa viver.
    Ele é amado tem uma familia.
    Precisa ser respeitado e ter seus direitos garantidos.
    É um bom animal, melhor até que muita gente por aí que é insensível.

  64. This is sick. I was in the process of planning a trip to Belfast, even talk the rest of my family into it after they were pushing for the more tropical locations. There is absolutely NO WAY we will ever travel to or support Belfast in any way. As upset as I am that our plans will have to completely change, it’s nothing compared to the anger I have that their disgusting actions are what’s actually keeping us from ever going there. I will never see Belfast as anything but a huge disappointment from this point on. Some things can never be forgiven no matter how they try to twist things and justify their heartless acts.

  65. muito triste e desumano retirar um cão dócil do seu lar, onde sempre foi cercado de amor e simplesmente querer mata-lo somente por causa de sua raça! Isso é realmente ridículo!

  66. Punishment should be only for those who commit actual offenses – human and animal alike. Lennox has done no wrong. This injustice is on the same plane as racial profiling.

  67. im am a dog lover and what happened to lennox is evil and i think something should be done he did nothing wrong and he did not deserve it and i cant explain it it brakes my heart i mean arrg i can explain just lord please watch over Lennox in this is his time of need.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  68. Tenham piedade desse ser inocente que não cometeu crime nenhum, quem comete crime é o ser humano, sejam caridosos…..

  69. Return him to his family!
    You have been unfair in your decisions about him.
    He has been put in a “cell” and not cared for in a proper way.
    He has been judged unfairly and when experienced dog people
    made their suggestions about him they were ignored.
    That is not fair judgement. That is working the local law for the
    convenience of those that want to push their control and make
    themselves appear powerful.
    Your country has lost the respect of thousands of people for
    allowing a decision like this to ruin the life of an innocent dog,
    and put his family through this unnecessary stress that includes not even being allowed to visit with him.

  70. Can’t Lennox be taken to another country if somebody offers him adoption??????? We have to find a way out of this…I can not believe in such a great injustice and pain……

  71. Lennox must be allowed to go free. When I say free, if you don’t allow him to go to his family, why not allow him to have temporary custody under some of the most wonderful dog trainer’s on earth: Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Milan? There is so much disappointment. Lennox was taken in great health and was happy. After being in your care, under appallig conditions from photos I can see where his spirit has been broken. There are other options. 1000s of rescues from all over the world will help!!!!!! Please, there is another way around this. Seeing this dog in the cold snow, with no food or water and appalling shelter conditions were enough to break a cold-hearted person’s heart. Please free him – I am a christian and I know Jesus would allow him to go to safety. I know the pitbull breed well. They are sweet, loyal and kind. PLEASE DO NOT KILL THIS BOY………..!!!!! I AM EMAILING FROM NORTH CAROLINA USA…LET HIM GO….he can go to safety…please allow it. PLEASE DO NOT KILL HIM.

  72. Lennox is suffering a big injustice and he had being scared and alone in an extrange environment for 2 years, so we can added to the killing crime the cruelty of torture, so pathetic goverment.

  73. Lennox must be allowed to go free. If you don’t allow him to go to his family, why not allow him to have temporary custody under some of the most wonderful dog trainer’s on earth: Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Milan? There is so much heartbreak and disappointment in all of this. Lennox was taken ‘because of his head measurements’? Lennox was in great health, with a loving family that did everything right!!!!! Lennox was a therapy dog for a little girl that adores him! Lennox never lashed out at anyone and shared his home with 2 other dogs that loved him. For the past 2 years he has been kept in appalling conditions. I see a puppy with a broken heart and spirit. Animals have more feelings than a lot of humans. Lennox can heal and renew his spirit with help from so many on this EARTH. The first step is to let him GO! There are other options besides destroying this boy. 1000s of rescues from all over the world will help!!!!!! After seeing the heartbreaking photos of him in the cold snow with no food or water, and seeing him in a horrific kennel set up, hopefully further investigation will not only go towards Lennox, but to all involved in this inhumane situation. Lennox is not going to lash out or hurt anyone….he never did. Be brave, someone “step up to the plate” and make this WRONG a RIGHT. Please free him – I am a Christian and I know the “God of my understanding” would allow Lennox an opportunity to go to safety. I know this in my heart. I know the pitbull breed well. They are sweet, loyal and kind. PLEASE DO NOT KILL THIS BOY………..!!!!! It will be an unjust tragedy that will go down in history as being one of the most heartless decisions known to animal lovers on earth and will never be forgotten. It’s the kind of story we do not forget ever. Millions want to help Lennox……..this speaks a jillion words! PLEASE, SPARE HIS LIFE………..PLEASE! THE WORLD IS ROOTING FOR HIM. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND LET HIM GO. It will be the best decision, Belfast will shine brighter and the world will be a better place. I am emailing from North Carolina – USA….please let him go.

  74. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland as part of my ancestry is Irish. However, having kept up with Lennox’s story ever since I first heard about it, there is NO WAY I will ever step foot in Ireland now. They will NOT get my tourist dollars if this is the way they treat their animals. Lennox did absolutely NOTHING wrong, so why are you doing this to him and his family? Spare Lennox’s life, publicly apologize to the family for what you put them through, and MAYBE you will prove to me and the rest of the world that your country is worth visiting. Real men admit their mistakes; cowards hide behind propaganda b.s.l. (breed specific legislation OR bull s**t lies. Take your pick, gentlemen.)

  75. Just because these dogs are classed as dangerous, does not necessarily mean they are…It is people who get these dogs bad names by using them as potential weopons….These dogs, when in the right hands are LOYAL, Loving, make great family pets & great around people &children. Please do not judge these dogs by peoples negative views…..Spend time yourselves with these dogs then make your own mind up…….you wont be disapointed… please have a heart and spare this innocent dog

  76. There looks to be so many loopholes in this case. The whole thing looks as if the judiciary have been misled and ill advised. Coming to inappropriate and wrong conclusions and decisions. Belfast city Council wake up a take a long hard look at yourselves. you should be ashamed of yourselves. Lennox is innocent, guilty of no crimes apart from being a loving, caring dog. Do the right thing, let him go home…

  77. Belfast City Council,You kept this poor dog incarcerated for 2 yrs knowing full well that ONLY because of the name part Pitbull,that the dog WOULD be PTS.You put the family through hell all this time and wasted money as usual.You really need to come up to speed with the rest of the civalised world in regards to BSL and the facts surrounding this issue.You ignored facts regarding BSL.You didnt even consider the owners behaviour with the animal and the fact that this dog was very much used to the company of children.You didnt give the dog or his family a chance due to YOUR pride.Its is a disgrace and the world now knows what kind of inhumane people you are.You should be ashamed of yourselves as I now am, being a Northern Irish citizen.
    I thought that my country was going forward not backwards.It seems i could not have been more wrong.
    I hope in the future that Belfast shows some intelligence surrounding the banned breed dogs issue and get with the current times instead of doing what this country seems to do best…”Living in the past” on most things.

  78. A pena de morte aos animais tem que ter um fim … até quando vamos compartilhar de tanta crueldade a inocentes sem voz?

  79. Pls advise if there is any recourse available to overturn the judgement once it has been passed,

    Thank you for all your work and support on behalf of Lennox and his family.

  80. como isto é possivel,tanta crueldade.Se Deus nos ajudar e com certeza k vai isso não vai acontecer.Vamos ter esperança

  81. Disgusted. I am SICK of breeds being given a bad name because a small number are owned by some uneducated thugs who have given these gorgeous animals a bad rep. This ruling defies belief. Belfast City Council, I am sickened by your decision and have arrived at the educated decision that you are no more intelligent than amoebas. I hope karma gives all those responsible a nice big kick in the derriere.

  82. Do not destroy this dog because of a pre conceived idea that all pit bulls are dangerous and this dog is not even a pit bull. Have some faith for this poor animal – he is greatly loved and to kill him would be a grave mistake.

  83. Thanks to your decision to kill Lennox, I am cancelling plans to tour Ireland. Myself and my family will NEVER set foot in your country or spend a cent there. If all animal lovers do the same, you are in for some financial difficulties in the future. I will be sharing on social networks for people to do the same and believe me, many people will never forget.

    Ma che mondo schifoso è questo???!!!!
    Quando non si usa più il buon senso ma si applica stupidamente le regole!!!!

  84. I am utterly disgusted by this – what on earth was that judge thinking? ALL the evidence should have been used, that way LENNOX would be on his way home!!!!!

  85. Any plans my family and I had to visit Ireland are totally cancelled until this ignorant law is changed! I would not spend a dime in a place this cruel! I will spread the word to all I know. This was beyond cruel and ignorant and totally disgusting!


  87. Please lennox needs his family and his little girl needs him.he is a service dog .I will not be claiming my irish heritage if justice does not prevail

  88. Instead of protecting their citizens, Belfast Northern Ireland is now known throughout the world as covering up mistakes and terrorizing their residents.
    Lennox is not a pit bull and to kill this dog for looking like one is injustice to the max. Even if Lennox was a pit bull he is not aggressive, though very frightened and confused now. And this law passed after Lennox was in his family for 5 years. This is outrageous and pride has taken over authorities in Belfast so that everyone knows they have lied and they are trying to save face. Justice has not been served here so far.

  89. why destroy any animal when it didnt do any harm thats what i dont understand this is power at its best

  90. coitadinho do lennos…será que esse juiz não tem coração?por que é de uma raça que dizem ser brava e agressiva,não significa que ele é também,e se for existe adestramento para esse tipo de cão…espero que esse juiz tenha compaixão do lennox e de seus donos e deixe ele viver em paz…

  91. I am ashamed to be of Irish ancestory! This abosultely makes me sick! This entire ordeal has IGNORANCE -written all over it!!

  92. Deixem o cão ser avaliado por profissionais de comportamento, qq um tem o direito de defesa mesmo que seja um animal.

  93. Please let’s save this life, he did not blame for being born in this race, Take it and take this place for a family that loves and makes you happy, long life w / him, for God’s sake.

  94. Only Nazis could do this to man or beast. The dog is innocent as were the holocast victims. Let’s operate on a higher plane, not one of injustice and ignorance.

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  96. I grew up with the Troubles around me moved to Canada with my parents for a better life away from death, bombers, hatred and innocents being blown up because they were in a bar at the wrong time. Prime Minister I am ashamed to call myself Irish. The world will view you differently now you will have lost credibily and respect from people all over the world. You bascially had someone knock on the door of a family take their dog put it through hell (yes the world knew what was happening undercover reporters got it out to CNN) poor dog was used to a warm cushy bed with wonderful meals and best yet..LOVE. Oh wait…you also Prime Minister put the family through hell aren’t you supposed to represent these people?! You have done a terrible thing and you have lost respect from alot of your Irish people and also from people around the world. Sleep well. Oh and didn’t the Germans to this to a certain group because they were different. No not being dramactic. It is the truth. An innocent is an innocent.

  97. Quem devia ser preso era esse juiz, os maiores monstros são os seres humanos, abandonam, matam, maltratam, deixam os animais morrerem à fome e à sede, treinam os animais para serem agressivos e depois tem a lata de dizerem que há raças perigosas…enfim tenho vergonha de pertencer à raça mais perigosa do universo…O SER HUMANO…deviam de ter vergonha de condenarem um animal à morte quando este nunca fez mal a uma mosca….e mesmo quando fazem há outras maneiras de resolver a situação não é morte…

  98. There is a higher justice to which the horrendous people who have caused so much sorrow to Lennox and his familyh will have to answer – karma!!!!

  99. wow just wow to think that an inocent dog will be dragged away from his home from the one HE loves! imagen you as lennox how horrible it would be then be “destroyed” (as new readers call it -i hate that word) im a 13 year old girl i have a family of 7 (pets included) i have a boxer dog i love her to bits if she was taken away i would do the same. god bless lennox xxx

  100. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. A dog is only as vicious as the owner makes it. Sadly, many breeds are viewed as status for their (poor) owners, leading to a perception that any dog (especially “bull” breeds) should be put down

  101. I was planning a trip to the place of grandfather’s birthplace. Now I wouldn’t visit Ireland if the trip were FREE. I used to believe on St. Pat’s day there were two kinds of people in this world, the Irish and those who wished they were. NOW I will never celebrate St. Patrick’s Day again. I am ASHAMED of IRELAND for their ignorance and bigotry.

  102. I will never, ever visit Belfast, ever, if that beautiful dog gets put down.
    How many others like him were put down before, will be put down after?
    This is evil, purely and simply. Evil.

    How can you touch that dog, look into his eyes, be around him, and say he is bad. That is sinister.

    I am planning a trip with my family to that area, but we will not put our money into this kind of corruption.
    Not one single cent.

  103. Venho por meio deste maravilhoso, “veículo” de comunicação, afim de pedir encarecidamente a todas as autoridades de Belfast, em questão, pela vida deste animal inocente – Lennox; que Deus ilumine a todos, afim de que: haja justiça, em prol deste anjo, e de sua tutora!!

  104. Um absurdo, seres pensantes, propagarem uma política de desumanidade e insegurança, utilizando-se da prerrogativa do animal não poder se defender.
    Não se esqueçam que eles não falam, mas nós, milhares e milhares de pessoas de todo o mundo, somos a sua voz: devolvam-no para a família e não alimentem a maldade e a injustiça.

  105. Ao governo da Irlanda do Norte

    Doem o Lennox para outros Países…nós o queremos …o mundo todo o quer

  106. Lennox has never hurt anyone-his family deserves to have their precious animal companion back home safe and sound! This case is a complete travesty of justice–we will not give up the fight for Lennox-ever!

  107. The belfast cc need to be brought to justice. They are a bunch of low life , cruel, corrupt lying bastards. Lennox has nowt wrong. His family have abided by ALL THE RULES. BCC + its cruel abusive dog wardens have mistreat lennox + denied his family access to him. Its NOW TIME to get him home + get thhem cruel bastards in a cell where they belong. And that includes the judges too

  108. i am still reeling from the shock of the outcome… i really feel for the family. how awful for them. my own staff is possibly the best dog i have EVER had, and NOONE will part us, for sure. i will never visit Belfast again.

  109. This is disgusting…and to sad and horrible,Belfast i don’t support you EVER!You must pay for this crime and no sense cruelty….

  110. i hardly can´t believe such a cruel act…poor lenox …i´ll fight for you.Punish the guiltys and do not repeat such a crime like this…it ‘s to sad

  111. Ninguem tem direito de generalizar situações pra tirar a vida de seres vivos, se fosse assim o ser humano é o mais perigoso dos animais

  112. I find your law against dogs, and in particular the treatment reserved
    to Lennox and his death sentence, a monstrosity: I ask to release Lennox
    and cancel this aberrant law. I won’t travel to your city as a tourist
    until this law will be cancelled. I will be sharing on social networks
    asking people to do the same.

  113. Trovo veramente ignobile e primitivo, indegno di un paese civile, il comportamento e le leggi giuridiche “talebane” di un’Amministrazione come quella di Belfast che ha RUBATO e SEQUESTRATO un cane buono e mansueto proprietà della famiglia Lennox, condannandolo a morte! Chiedo all’Amministrazione giuridica irlandese di cambiare immediatamente questa “ridicola e vergognosa legge” restituendo il cane all’AFFETTO DELLA SUA FAMIGLIA. Se ciò non dovesse avvenire in termini rapidi, farò in modo, io personalmente e tutte le persone che rappresento, a boicottare turisticamente l’INCIVILE IRLANDA presso tutte le agenzie di viaggio italiane! Mi auguro che questa “orribile e terribile” storia si concluda rapidamente in maniera civile e sensata!

  114. It is regrettable the Irish justice in making eutansia in an animal that does not harm anyone. even if it did, would not be the responsibility of the animal and its owner but allowing that he might become a dangerous animal. I hope the Irish Justice reconsider the determination of the award of merit.

  115. I find your law against dogs, and in particular the treatment reserved
    > to Lennox and his death sentence, a monstrosity: I ask to release Lennox
    > and cancel this aberrant law. I won’t travel to your city as a tourist
    > until this law will be cancelled. I will be sharing on social networks
    > asking people to do the same.

  116. If these judges were potatoes, I would chop these murderers up in pieces and bake them in oil.

    May they rot in hell.

  117. If having a wide head and no neck was grounds for imprisonment and execution in Ireland, then not only would dogs be endangered……

  118. Dear Sir,

    I write to you from Dayton, Ohio, the United States of America to plea on behalf of the pit bull terrier known as Lennox.

    As one of many thousands of people in my country who have worked diligently to restore the rightful reputation of the Pit bull as America’s dog, I ask most humbly if you would set aside the cacophony of voices screeching on both sides and consider sparing his life.

    Lennox has committed no crime, other than that of his breed. Here is the United States we recognize the bully breeds – Staffordshire’s, Pit bulls, Boxers, Bull Terriers as muscular, agile, loyal and deeply intelligent creatures. For every bit of bad publicity spread across the rabble press, there are ten more stories hidden away where the bullies have stepped forth bravely ~ guarding an abandoned baby, sacrificing a limb for a mistress overcome by seizure on railroad tracks, serving and giving up their lives w. honor in war and on the battlefield.

    I pray you before the final needle is inserted, that if not in Ireland, let him be sent here. There are virtually hundreds of us who would step up. Arrange his transport, ensure his safe travel, test well his temperament and ultimately find him the perfect forever home.

    Please, sir, let Lennox live. Thank you.

    I am yours most sincerely,

  119. Why is it that man kind has the need to show such ignorance over and over again. You, and others like you, will answer to God someday. I can just imagine the broken heart of that poor dog wondering what he did to deserve his fate.

  120. I agree completely with Cheryl Stone. One thing I’m very worried about is that they by doing this have made him aggressive; people who want their dogs to be aggressive do very similarly cruel things. Then they’ll say “see we should’ve killed him,” yet they caused it. Then what can anyone do to save him? May that not happen, and may the people responsible for this be brought to justice.

  121. My family has been to Ireland twice, and were planning a third trip, but no more and never again! We will travel to a country that doesn’t murder animals!

  122. My appeal is right to the judge if he has a brain to use it, and don’t be like most judges here, which are only a bunch of corrupted people working for who pays more. They are incompetents, and act like a cartel of mobsters, always trying to get money for their pockets and when they are there to make justice, which they don’t do in most cases. So please give me the idea that you are someone that deserves the function you have. There are many killers here which are black people so let’s kill them all??? That’s what you are doing to this innoccent dog, but even worse because that thing that the race is dangerous is just a stupid law done by some humans which don’t know nothing about dogs. Do you like that an alien race come here and decided that white persons are dangerous, so let’s kill all of them??? I would like yes, that the aliens which created us, come again and do tho the humans which are bad for animals the same they had done, I would love that.

  123. In the interest of sparing Belfast the horrible and lasting publicityof , the powers that be should reconsider their decision and arrive at a more equitable end to this sorry tale.
    For a city that wishes to attract visitors it seems to me that Belfast is doing itself no favors. 200,000 angry people can do an awful lot of damage byspreading the word of a dog that has committed no was unjustly killed by a city that should have known better.
    Come on Belfast, there are myriad solutions to this problem. Let’s see you reconsider. The celebration that will follow will surely do much to repair your tattered image as a city run by fascists.

  124. These morons are corrupt.I would love to see these brainless bastards exterminated and not poor Lennox who has done nothing wrong.Why can’t Lennox be adoped out of the area.I am from Australia and I am willing to adopt him and offer him a loving forever home.There is no reason to kill him

  125. Well said Bridgit ! This whole sad tale stinks from the start. It smacks of determined to make a point rather than truth and justice. The poor family and an innocent dog merely pawns. The lack of honesty, compassion or justice is staggering. How many other dogs have been and will be seized because of the way they look? Many dogs with no characteristics other than measurements fit the requirements. There has been enough pontificating over dogs and Parliament hiding from what is basically a flawed and unworkable law which even genetic proof is ignored. If ‘looks’ was applied to humans there would quite rightly be universal uproar and screams of racism.Dog owners need to start to stand up and shout their revulsion at this hideous law. BSL is an abomination, the mantra ‘Deed not breed’ is correct. Most figures indicate the majority of dog attacks are perpetrated by smaller more temperamental dogs, but the public only see the most horrifying attacks normally by bigger dogs as the potential for damage or death is higher. Blame the owners who become complacent or are oblivious to the fact that these wonderful creatures are animals with teeth and claws with underlying prey instinct. Both owners and non owners need education. My dogs collect thousands for charity but the behaviour of some children and adults horrifies me. If I dare to tell children to respect my dogs and not jump on them or poke them when the parents are standing watching and in some cases laughing, then have a go at me and start screaming about dangerous dogs …..rather than controlling their brats is beyond contempt in my eyes.

  126. Shame on you Belfast. If Lennox had done something wrong then fair enough, but to put a healthy happy dog down is appalling. Most dogs are more loving than some human beings. Dreadful. Just dreadful.

  127. this is so wrong, they are doing what the germans done to the jews in ww2, this upsets me so bad having pittys myself, these people that make the rules far out punish the crime not the breed

  128. this is crule this animal has done nothing you should be ashamed of your selfs keeping this poor dog from its owners

  129. If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
    St. Francis of Assisi
    Regardless of your religious belief above is 100% true

  130. Acho de uma brutalidade o que está acontecendo com Lenox.
    Repudio esta barbari.Não a eutanásia.


  131. Tenho um Pitbull de 12 anos, muito amado, minha filha de 7 anos fora criada com ele, com muito amor e companherismo, é indigno, que logo o ser humano que é o principal predador do planeta se acha capaz de condenar um bichinho a morte alegando ser perigoso para a sociedade, em vista que o maior perigo é a morte, e esse animal já está condenado pelo homem, então quem seria o assassino ? o homem ou o cão ? com carinho e amor qualquer ser vivo da face da Terra não oferece perigo algum , só garatidão e amor, está na hora do Reino Unido rever seus conceitos com os amáveis Pitbull, deichando de lado qualquer preconceito e os vendo como filho tbm de Deus com direito a vida, só Deus pode tirar a vida, não adiant falae em natureza, Rio+ 20, sustentabilidade, com a mente ainda arcaíca e atrasada. a vida é sagrada em todos os seres na face da Terra, então deiche Lennox viver e não se arrependerás. obrigada, sei que vão repensar e chegarão a conclusaõ que ele é inofensivo.

  132. essa repercussão não é atoa Deus nos coloca testes como estes , vamos refletir .. olhe nos olhos desse animal ele é inocente, ele não sabe falar nem se defender daqueles que os condenaram,, vamos ser a voz deste bebê inocente que padece nas mãos do impios e covardes,” O MAL SÓ VENCE QUANDO OS BONS NADA FAZEM PARA COMBATELO”

  133. this effect is not God puts us atoa tests like these, let’s reflect .. look into the eyes of the animal he is innocent, he can not speak or defend itself against those who condemned it, let’s be the voice of this innocent baby who suffers at the hands of wicked and cowardly, “EVIL WINS WHEN ONLY THE GOOD DO NOTHING FOR COMBATELO “

  134. Will take care of their country properly instead of wanting to condemn a poor dog who did not ask to be born! Horrendous and inhuman act. God created the animals as well as created you! Then MINISTER, gostria be condemned to death row for traits that do not match the rest of the population of Ireland? May GOD have mercy on your country’s disgusting and grotesque of his soul. Brazil has rejects you.

  135. Very sad situation. I will never travel there. This is just just a dog issue it is an issue about the humans losing a beloved family member as well. I feel for them.

  136. eu leonel lopes sou contra com abatimentos de cães ou leis que dizem que temos que tirar vida de 1 animal primeiro nos não temos esse direito so deus portanto eu sei que deus e a favor de que os cães devem , viver tenhem o direto de viver portanto a minha mensagem vai para aqueles que se acham que tenhem o direto de tirar a vida dos animais a te aqui bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa adoro cães e tenho 3 em minha casa vivemos com eles porque adoramos muito nos angolanos somos contra esse tipo de atitudes e posso dizer que nos africanos somos contra essa lei maldita tamos convosco mesmo de longe forca

  137. Essa é uma das coisas mais idiotas e injustas contra nossos animais!!!! Quem inventou e aprovou esta lei é que deveria ser sacrificado!!!!

  138. somente deus pra fazer justiça com uma pessoa tão má assim ,este cachorro merece viver assim como o ser humano, sou contra sacrificar este pobre animal , quem deveria ser sacrificado era este povo que ñ tem um pingo de amor proprio.

  139. Sounds Like Some Powerless Control Freaks And A Few Juidges With BLACK ROBE SYNDROME !!! It Disgusts Me. And Just For The Record…I Own 8 SECURED Acres Of Land. And My Dogs Heads Are Dinosaur Like I Rescue Animals Of All Types. Someone Is Always Here (ALWAYS). My Bite Is Way Worse.And My Llamas??? They Spit..Go Fill Some Pot Holes And Waste More Of Their UNEMPLOYMENT TAX. Who Are These People And Why Are We ALLOWING Them To Take Away Our Rights No Matter Where In The World They Are. Sounds Fishy To Me..I Live In Georgia And Travel To And Fro For Pets And Peeves. In The State Of GA If You Tresspass And Im In Fear For The Safety Of My Family (pets included) As Well As My Own. I Will Protect What Is Rightfully Mine. Oh, Boo Hoo What? Was Lennox Provoked As Most Are. Did He Run Up To Some Higher Up King Ka Ka’s Kid And Wanted Retribution. DOGS Are Taught Violence. Without A Shred Of Doubt In My Mind. If Ya Get All Up In Their Face Like That Idiot Reporter Did Not Too Long Ago (after just being rescued a day or 2 before, still traumatized). She Has No Expereince Whatsoever Obviously, Tried To Get All Goo Goo With A Scared Animal. Instinct. Although, She Should Have Been Told Not To Do Something So Stupid. Sorry, But That Was A Really Dumb Thing To Do. Ive Had All Types of Animals Since I Was 3. First Rule Of Animal CLUB? YOU NEVER EVER PUT YOUR FACE SO CLOSE TO AN ANIMAL U DIDNT RAISE YOURSELF..You Might Get Bit…Dear LORD, I Pray That You Show Great Favor For Lennox. I Pray That You Soften The Hearts Of People That Dont Understand What This Perfect Creature Means To A Family. I Pray Lord, That You Surround Lennox With Your Strongest Angels And Protect Him From Any Physical Or Mental Abuse. I Pray That The Persons Gaurding His Fenced Area See The Look In Lennox’s Eyes. You Say Lord That If The Devil Steals From Us YOU, LORD Will Make Him Repay 10 Fold. MARK 4:22 ” What Ever Is In The Darkness Shall Be Brought Out Into The Light..LORD, Please Take Lennox Out Of That Dark Place And Place Your Healing Hands Upon The Individuals That Seek His Demise..I Thank You LORD, For The Blessings You Have Bestowed Upon Me, I Wish To Pass That Blessing To Not Only Lennox But The Greiving Family Who Loves Him As I Love Mine…Thank You LORD, Thank You…..In Jesus Name I Pray For The Saftey Of All Abused Animals, Women, Children, Everyone Who Needs That Great Favor You Provide Unconditionally..The LORD IS GOING TO HELP YOU..Just Ask Him. Thats All… Feel Free To Email Me As I Am My Fathers Daughter, I Am Not Affraid Of Anything…My Thoughts Will Be With You Daily… Sincerly, Caroline McCawley

  140. Pelamor de Deus, onde estar o amor de você, como você podem estar querendo fazer isso, com um ser tãolindo e docil como ele, Seria muita falta de Deus no coração se você permitisse que isso acontescesse.eles prescisão e de carinho e não de alguêm que queira mata-ló, você não tem filhos?Não tem algo que goste muito? algo que presa muito? Não vamos fazer com o próximo o que não gostaria que fizesse com nos mesmo, todos nos estamos sujeito ao um dia passar por um caso semelhante ao esse, e você não poder ter nehum argumento para devender, pensa mais, cade o amor pelo proximo?onde estar ele?

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  143. Tony Blair, George W Bush, and several people around the worl are threat to the mankind!
    What do you think kill them???

  144. I find it appalling not only how Lennox was treated but the family as well. What a heartless panel to make such a decision on what appears to have no merit. How shocking as a human to read that they would not let the family that raised him and took such good care of him were not allowed to see him. This is beyond any BSL , It is cruel and in-humane beyond comprehension.

  145. it looks like a kind of modern racism – that dog has no change to ‘change’, and even being a non harming dog he has to die for those who have the power. so, after all the years of grief the city has suffered, the history of blood and innocence killings in belfast go ahead… and it is NOT ‘only an animal’… for my part i have to say: i went to belfast during the ‘troubles’, i went to belfast when even almost no tourist was seen in the city – but NOW i will NEVER return. maybe it’s unfair to the people of belfast, but it’s more unfair that not enough people in belfast feel ashamed and raise their voice against that injustice. sorry, belfast. you have no heart anymore.

  146. Newer document demonstrates that U.Ise. separation discount rates unquestionably are increasing each.

    Main, health problems in addition to the predictions all-around Within for the most part can’t share the main level to your lengthy term. You’ll want to consider things to consider affecting our programs for a a relationship. Fundamentally the partnership can still be how it’s for ages been dedication in the middle of 2 different people that like to remain dependable to one another.

  147. Lennox should never have been taken from his home. It has been proven that there is nothing wrong with his behaviour and his DNA test has proven that he is not a pit bull type or any of the other banned breeds. He should be taken back to the family he loves and who loves him. The judges obviously didn’t care what the experts said. The BSL is a total farce.

  148. Estou simplesmente indignada com esse fato…essa foi a coisa mais absurda que eu já ouvi em toda a minha vida, não consigo acreditar que mentes tão evoluídas possam simplesmente optar por um selvageria tamanha!! Autoridades Irlandesas vocês tem que analisar esse caso novamente e tomar consciência de que vocês estão absolutamente errados, não é certo se julgar o caráter de um animal pela sua raça ou pior ainda pela sua aparência, segundo vi em sites ele foi companheiro de uma criança que tem algum tipo de deficiência, isso é injusto com o animal e a criança…cade o amor , meu Deus que injustiça!!Ele não fez mal a ninguém não merce ser punido!!!E que aos donos de Lennox, nuncam desistam existe um Deus maior que toda essa injustiça…E povo do mundo todo vamos continuar na luta para salvar o Lennox!!!

  149. Acho isto uma barbaridade , poque nao seguem este principio, para pedofilos, ladores , e politicos

  150. Estou mais uma vez indignado com a frieza que o ser humano trata os animais. Não quero que o Lennox seja assassinado nem tão pouco outros animais. Imploro ás autoridades irlandesas que não sacrifiquem o Lennox. Leve em consideração o sofrimento da criança que é sua dona. Levem em consideração o apelo de todos no mundo inteiro que agora estão sofrendo com mais esta barbarie. Eu amo os animais, principalmente os cachorros, e estou com o coração partido, sofrendo, pensando no quanto ele esta triste longe de seus donos. Por favor, mais uma vez imploro ás autoridades irlandesas que cancelem a execução do Lennox. Obrigado

  151. I am sick and ashamed by this travesty of justice. What right does a group of morons have to murder a beloved family member simply because they don’t like the way he looks?? I hope Karma gives those responsible all they have earned by killing an innocent dog after torturing him for 2 years.

  152. Just thought I’d come back and make a couple more comments. First of all, he is not a pit bull or any other of the banned breeds on the list. Secondly, Caesar Milan had a Daddy, who was very sweet and friendly. No breed of dog should be labelled as dangerous, it is all in the way they are raised, trained, and taken care of by their owners. Lennox needs to be given back to his family now.

  153. Acho uma injustiça oque estão fazendo com esse cachorro só por ele ser um pitbull . Isso é um absurdo , os pitbulls não são agressivos pro características normais , é o dono dele que faz ele ficar agressivo . Então libere o pittbull , por favor ! A família deve estar muito aflita , nós aqui do Brasil estamos assinando o tanto possível !! Lennox amigão , tamo junto orando e assinando , vamos lutar pela sua liberdade ta ! Pela sua liberdade e pela liberdade da sua raça :)

  154. This whole long sad Story of Lennox has to be a personal vendetta against Lennox’s human family. Is the Family of the “wrong” religion or political party. What better way to make someone suffer then to keep a loved one a prisoner in deplorable privation for two years. Someone either hates this family or hates dogs. I would hope Lennox and any other dog that has done nothing wrong except by accident of birth be allowed to be taken out of the UK and sent to a safe haven. People all Countries should be worried that any of your rights can taken away with the stoke of a PEN. Please let Lennox live. There are well known animal people who want to give Lennox a home. Do not shame Northern Ireland in front of the world

  155. I will be placing Lennox case on the front of the site tonight with links to everyone and every petition against Belfast sorry to those innocent Belfast nationals but our over 1785000 supporters will be able to sign and refuse to aid Belfast in any way, already a 900000 signed petition and more added daily to ensure should Belfast or northern Ireland require eu help on any matter that it is denied we do not want our tax money spend on a country which is so backward and unethical !

  156. I am very sad and furious about this case and hope that justice prevails in God’s way and all those that made it difficult for Lennox rot in hell!

  157. In case he ever bites? Where does this judge think he is ? Minority report? Christ scary fascist dictator is was he is , and this guy is in charge of death row decisions ? All those prisoners should go to the European court of human rights to be accessed by someone other than a guy who thinks he’s in a movie. Stop playing god you cannot see the flipping future and act before anything ever happens!

  158. É um absurdo o que estao fazendo com o cao e com a familia. Julgar um cao pela raca é um crime, e um desrespeito aos animais, que tanto nos servem. Estamos num mundo triste e cada vez mais insensivel. Mas como ainda tem pessoas boas, acredito que, no final, o cao e a familia sairao vitoriosos. FORCA

  159. Who the hell would do such a thing ? First they kill each other in Belfast, or they let men like Bobby Sands die in an English prison. Now that they have nothing to do, they attack animals. What the hell is wrong with you stupid people. I do know that if you came to my home and tried to take my dogs, you would just die…..very simple…but you people are used to killing each other. I have to ask, is the United States giving you money to build your country ? If so, maybe we can work to stop that.

  160. Os Pitbulls são reflexos dos seus donos portanto eles é que deveriam ser sacrificados por não saberem educar seus amigos

  161. I bet the reason they have been deleting comments and recommendations is because they know the public are right about the fact the Lennox should never have been taken away and he is no danger to anyone. I saw pictures of Lennox on one of the websites and I believe he is being treated badly. Furthermore, they should not be able to delete anything that is written. They are all just cowards and extremely cruel. They must give that dog back to his family.

  162. What a gross perversion of justice. I have now crossed off Belfast from my “places to visit” list. We’ll hit them in their pocketbooks.

  163. What a gross peversion of justice. I have now crossed off Belfast from my “places to visit” list. We’ll hit them in their pocketbooks.

  164. OMG What a bunch of STUPID ASSHOLES. Are the people responsible aware that the WHOLE WORLD knows what they are doing? Great PR. Someone in the USA offered to relocate this dog here to save him. SO DO IT Save your damaged PR or are you too stupid to do that also? One can only hope there is a special place in hell for these people. Geez is it going to be crowded there.


  166. Shame on you Belfast. You have done and continue to do inhumane and unjust treatment to animals and probably humans as well. Any and all assistance you recieve from the US or any other country should be eliminated immediately! You supposedly leaders should rec. the same treatment that you have done to this dog.

  167. We need to do more!! We need to hurt these people where it hurts, there wallets.. don’t just boycott Belfast or Ireland, boycott the companies that come from there and that do business there..

  168. Siceramente eu não consigo entender como alguém que estuda DIREITO, CONSEGUE JULGAR TUDO ERRADO! É muito mais fácil pro Homem destruir….que tentar salvar! E assim agiu pilatos quando, ignorou o apelo de um povo, pra condenar á morte UM INOCENTE…

  169. Poor lennox, I hope he lives and gets reunited with his family. It’s horrible, I can’t even imagine they can do this to a poor dog. It makes me sick

  170. “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.”
    Jesus said this statement thousands of years ago and it’s still holds true. What have you done to poor, innocent Lennox, Belfast CC and wardens? You know damn well he is not dangerous. YOU are the most dangerous animals in the world!

    You ripped an innocent, loving animal from his home and family and made him suffer for two years in a filthy cement cell, all alone and would’nt let his family see him or know about his condition. You wouldn’t let Lennox have the medical care that he needs. We have all seen the pictures of Lennox with his hair missing, and lying on the cement surrounded by his own feces. SHAME ON YOU!!! We have all seen the sweet Lennox licking the face of one of his captors. Don’t try to tell us he’s dangerous! We know the truth!

    Lennox and his family have WORLDWIDE SUPPORT!!! You have a chance to show compassion, justice, civility, and humanity. FREE LENNOX NOW!!! SAVE LENNOX NOW!!! Let Lennox be rehomed by Victoria Stilwell if you won’t let him go back to his family. Think about what you are doing. Do you want the everlasting HATRED of the WHOLE WORLD or do you want to do the right thing and stop the vendetta, persecution, and abuse of this innocent dog and his family?


  171. I am writing to you from Canada. Having many ties to Ireland I am watching with horror at the scene unfolding there in regards to Lennox; I have been following this story for some time now and cannot believe a civilized country is planning to carry out this absurd judgment on an innocent dog- one who can’t speak for himself- he has only our voice and the voices of millions worldwide to take up his cause. If you think for a minute that by carrying out this sentence on Monday that the masses will be silenced……..you have sorely underestimated our resolve to find justice for Lennox.

    This is no different from what happened in Germany in WW II ; a group of people trying to eradicate a different race based solely on physical characteristics-have we learned nothing from history??

    Shame on a world that would allow this to happen! Whether this crime is perpetrated on a human being or an animal under our care the consequences are the same-this is a dark stain on our humanity- BSL(breed specific legislation) has no place in a civilized world.

    As Mahatma Gandhi once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

    Belfast …….the World is watching……

  172. It is very scary when your beloved dog can be torn away from you just because he looks a certain way. Makes you wonder if they are going to start doing this to people next. This has just gone too far! Lennox did absolutely nothing wrong and should live out the rest of his life with his family, and if not them, let him come here to the USA. May God watch over you and keep you safe, Lennox.

  173. The save Lennox video shows a huge pile of dead dogs. That is Belfast. The BCC has blood on their hands from many other innocent dogs they have killed. I only hope that their evil karma plays out in this lifetime. They are as bad as the Nazi ideology which condemned for religion and ethnicity.
    May they burn in hell and may hell for them be here on earth.

  174. It is with great sorrow that I admit I am of Irish decent. The Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese and all the others that kill dogs are nothing more than ignorant barbarians and now Northern Ireland and the UK have stooped to that level. This woman should be removed from her position and the people of Ireland should demand it. It is the most sickening case of abuse to this dog and all others like him and to his devoted family. Why was he not allowed to be adopted to another family outside of the country? Why are so many thousands of peoples pleas and so many requests for him to be adopted ignored? Why was the DNA test not accepted? This is totally unacceptable in a civilized country.

  175. Se é pra extinguir alguma coisa, prefiro a extinção da raça mais perigosa do mundo, a do ser humano.

  176. I am totally discusted with those in power in Belfast. To kill a sweet dog because his legs and muzzle are a certain length? Who’s next? Boxers? German Shepards? Great Danes? Yorkies? It’s nothing but “Bull Shit Legislation” because some whimp is frightened of a certain kind of dog. It would serve them right if no tourists came to Belfast ever again. I know this won’t happen, but one can hope. Is there anyway all the dog loving people in Northern Ireland could move elsewhere? No taxes, no country. This whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. I can’t wait for God to step in and destroy the whole stupid lot! As for those who are murdering Lennox, as far as I’m concerned the world would be a better place without them.


  178. Our state had a similar law, not reasonable or right in any way!
    Now our for a dog to fall in to Vicious Dog status, it must have harmed or killed an animal or person. NO LONGER BREED SPECIFIC!
    Which is as they all should be. Dogs are not born blood thirsty killers! The way evil people train dogs for fighting is reprehensible. They are to blame, not the dog and punishment should be swift and severe.
    Lennox lived with animals smaller than him, small child and never
    had any problems. His family’s rights and feelings should have been
    taken into consideration, along with Lennox’s clean record

  179. It is clear that Belfast authorities believe that this will all blow over in a few months and that everything will be back to normal. Let this be a 100% genuine boycott and let us remind them on the 1st day of every month from now on that we will encourage all right-minded people to NEVER set foot in Belfast and we will keep reminding them for years and years to come. For those outside the island, please note that Éire (Republic of Ireland) has no hand, act or part in this cruel debacle. See: http://kinndi.com/images/great_britain_lesson.jpg

  180. Free Lennox!!! bcc shame on you!! Lennox is a innocent dog!! so your going to put him to sleep?? Brooke will be heart-broken!! Come on,have some sense…Its not to late to let him go!!He is not even a dangerous breed?? FREE LENNOX!! Sign The Petitions!!!

  181. Sinto nojo em viver em um mundo onde criminosos são ”coitados” e animais são perigosos. Salve Lennox

  182. This is horrible! I have a dog that is part pit and he is more docile and sweet than my Plott Hound! I am disgusted…we are supposed to LOVE all of God’s s creatures!

  183. This situation is disgusting. This is a family pet and a therapy dog. I will never visit this place. Thank God my beautiful pitbull Mavvy and i are lucky enough to be American!

  184. se as autoridades desse país, não tem a capacidade de lidar com este tipo de situações.. que nos devolvam o lennox!!! ele já tem muita gente que o quer proteger desses pobres e mal formados humanos!!! estou em portugal e faço questão de me responsabilizar em salvar lennox desse país e dos seus governantes!!! uma vergonha MUNDIAL!! mandem o lennox para PORTUGAL!!! será recebido com todo o RESPEITO A QUE TEM DIREITO!!! não sei nem percebo a razão de não entregarem o cão a quem o pode cuidar!!! se assim não o fizarem…será uma prova de que o cão não está em causa …mas sim uma perrice particular!!é um complô contra essa familia e servem-se do cão para os massacrar, por algum motivo que desconhecemos!! é covardia a mais para um país tão grande e tão podre!!! EU QUERO O LENNOX!!!!!

  185. Sou do Brasil.. e fiquei sabendo dessa história horrivel.. Quero ter o sonho de isso tudo passar e esse bichinho não ser assassinado..!!

  186. Belfast City Council, if Lennox dies at your hands his ghost will haunt you forever. His murder will never be forgotten or forgiven by any of us, and we will not only never visit your city, we will keep his memory alive and discourage anybody visiting your city for generations to come. In a hundred years time our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still say “No! We will not go to the city that killed Lennox!”

  187. Quanto mais eu conheço o ser humano mais amo os animais
    que são os nossos verdadeiros amigos

  188. mutas das vesses pergunto porque fazer algos de errado em um animal que não estar fazendo nada para ninguém, será que vocês autoridades querem ser mais do que Deus, vocês não tem esse direito de tirar nenhuma vida nada que tem folego, a morte de um animal desse , é a desgraça de vocês na sepultura.

  189. Q Devolvam o pobre bichinho, e q esse mundo tenha conciencia da loucura de matar um animal inocente.

  190. This dog is not a terrorist or felon, he is just a dog that “looks” like a pit bull. He has done no wrong and it is unbelievable that this place can call themselves civilized and keep a dog for 2 years treating him like a criminal. They could save face NOW and let the dog come home to the US. An easy FIX that would make people happy, the dog happy, and have this fiasco done with. He has a ride home to the US waiting for him. Do the right thing, it’s really no big deal to make everyone happy instead of sad and angry. My heart goes out to the little handicapped girl he belongs to. Dear God save this dog.

  191. Não matem ,este e outros animais ,ele não sabe faalr para se defrender doque não fez,não sei como mas vamos nos uinir fazendo isso chegar em alguem que politicamente possa interferir nesta morte ou seja ÄSSASSSINATO,VAMOS DAQUI A POUCO MATR A SP PESSOAS POR SEREM OU FEIA OU BONITA ,OU SEI LA QAUL O MOTIVO.nÃO IMPORTA QUE SEJA FORA DO BRASIL ,SOMOS HUMANOS DO MUNDO E NAÕ SO BRASILEIROS ,ESPERO QUE SE CONSIGA IMPEDIR TAMANHO ABSURDO.

  192. temos que acreditar em Deus, só ele nessa hora… O
    pior é q os humanos matam estupram destroem familias, e os cães considerados perigosos são condenados a morte, temos q rever as nossas leis…

  193. o ser humano e cruel com seres indefesoso e abusam disso,por serem indefesos,se tratasem assim,podofilos,estrupadores,assinos,o mundo seria bem melhor,o homem tem muito o que aprender com os animais q so eles e as criancas tem a ino cencia de um amor incondicional e verdadeiro.


  195. Deixem o Lennox viver,deixem ele ser feliz ao lado da sua familia que tanto o ama! Isso é cruel ,é assassinato de um inocente! O que ele fez? Onde estão as provas que ele é realmente perigoso? Se uma pessoa se parecer fisicamente com algum assassino terá que pagar por ele somente pela semelhança? Isso é injusto ,a justiça não pode cometer esse tipo de crime!!!! Parem com essa tortura para o animal e a familia que sofre longe dele!!! Deixem o Lennox viver! Deixem o Lennox voltar para a familia ! Por favor ! Por DEUS!

  196. fortunately he’s still alive and we all hope him to leave Belfast and be happy in the USA, but we can’t forget the position of Belfast Gouvernment. If this petition will help us to save the boy, ok, remember for the next time and please change your mind. If not, Belfast you will pay for this, be sure

  197. If Michael Vick can turn over a new leaf, so can the Belfast City Council.
    They can change their breed specific law, then they can FREE LENNOX.
    It is that simple.

    This is what should be called for instead of arguing over whether Lennox’s breed is pure or not. He has done no wrong. He should have never been taken in the first place. Breed specific laws MUST go/Dangerous dog laws are written badly and MUST be changed!!!

    The Belfast City Council can become heroes! Let them. Encourage them.

  198. FUCK BELFAST and FUCK IRELAND.. ugly soul-less ginger fucktards can go to hell, a single dogs life is worth more than their entire country! Stupid shits….

  199. Sinceramente, me daria nojo morar num país tão ridículo desse, destroem sentimentos e afastam as pessoas de seus animais como se fossem nada, que vergonha que dá saber que existem lugares e governos como esse, por isso que merecem tudo o que acontece de ruim aí, pois aqui se faz aqui se paga, Deus sempre vai dar uma lição em vocês, pois ele não colocou esses seres tão especiais para serem maltratados e sim para serem amados . A hora de vocês vai chegar, enquanto isso sintam a fúria da Natureza se rebelando contra vocês ! País NOJENTO !

  200. The cruelty and lack of mercy the Belfast City Council has exhibited towards Lennox the dog and his family is incomprehensible. The world is watching! Why does the Belfast City Council not have the decency to help Lennox and his family? Lennox should be allowed to be adopted by Victoria Stilwell in the U.S. or returned to his family. If he is “executed”, I believe not allowing the family a last visit or returning his ashes is merciless and cruel. I cannot help but question the mentality of the people on this Council which will continue long after Lennox is gone. I pray the Council will come to a more humane conclusion to this horrendous situation before it is too late.

  201. The case about Lennox is so sad and the Belfast CC are the worst people that have treated this boy the way they have should not be allowed to go near another dog or animal again in there life. I hop they all rot in hell as kama has a way of getting you. They are a pack of scum bags and should have to answer for their actions.

  202. Michaela Adamus
    Official Statement From Lennox’s Family:

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your messages of support. We are sorry to say at the present time Belfast city council seem to be intent on killing our boy. Despite previous assurances otherwise, we have been denied the opportunity to say goodbye. We have also been told that we cannot collect his body and bring Len home. We have been informed however that we will receive “some” ashes in the mail. how shite amd horrible END BSL BULL SHIT LAW LENNOX IS INNOCENT YET RAPIST AND MURDERERS GET AWAY WITH IT AND PEDOS ARE HOUSED NEXT TO CHILDREN MAKES SENSE not!!!!

  203. I can’t believe a dog that has never caused problems will be sacrificed just because it looks like a pitt bull.
    1- This is what Ireland calls for justice?
    2- And the animal has no right to live?
    3-Did it asked to be so?
    And the family of this dog, they love, affection, protection, attention and dedication. Why destroy it?. What you will win?
    In Brazil, pittbulls dogs can walk on the street with their owners since that uses gag. This is a solution.
    I hope God guide you and enlighten you to do the right thing.

    Caroline, I’m with you.
    count me in

    Juliana Alves/ São Paulo/ Brazil

  204. Ato insano matar este animal. Tem seres q se dizem humanos e são monstros. Salvem este animal.

  205. Belfast City Council has demonstrated its lack of compassion & judgment by willfully denying simple resolutions that would have benefited all involved, including itself, all due to ignorance, pride, & stubborn vanity. These officials have proven themselves to be one more group of individuals that the world can do without.

  206. I have been following this story in The United States Of America, how cruel can you be? The offers to rehome Lennox are coming from all over the world! How could you even think of putting him down? I will personally offer to take him at my own expense! This dog deserves to live regardless of what your so called experts say!! Send him to America the home of the free and the brave!! We will take him, stop this injustice NOW!!!!!


  208. This is horrid and if as said, absolutely unjustified and cruel. It is unbelievable how mankind rules over poor creatures. I am disgusted, ashamed and unspeakably sad. My heart goes out to Lennox’ family who has fought for its beloved pet.

  209. To those who believe they can do whatever they want to anyone or anything: your judgement day is coming and you will be judged by the one who sits on the highest throne and sits in the highest court of all. Your day will be overshadowed by the pits of hell where you will be thrown for all eternity for all your sins and wickedness. What better end to those who feel they can treat Gods creatures and get off scot free.

  210. St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and now the city council will drive the dogs out of Belfast. I do not understand their ignorance. How could they not hear all these pleas for an innocent animal!!!! Bless you Lennox…the world cries and prays for you!

  211. This will not be tolerated by the world ,

    you have brought shame on yourselves and Belfast

    unforgettable, unforgivable

  212. Anyone who eats meat wrongly sentences innocent animals to death as well. If you claim to be an animal lover, think of the hundreds of other domesticated animals that are tortured and murdered for the crime of being a species that people are accustomed to eating. Thanks!

  213. Belfast, the world is PISSED! Do NOT put this innocent dog to sleep because of what Lennox :looks like”!!! He is one of God’s creatures. Just remember people we all have to answer for things we have done here on earth! I am embarassed to be Irish, I used to be so proud but not now! SAVE LENNOX! DO THE RIGH THING AND LET THIS INNOCENT DOG LIVE!

  214. The Belfast counsel is a bunch of power mongering bastards. They need to be removed from office and fast. To sit there and presume guilt before innocence is unconscionable. You are damned right I will boycott EVERYTHING from those bastards!

  215. We had planned to go to Ireland in the next year. Based on this story – I will NOT be going there if that is the way they treat animals. Very disappointed. Barbaric!

  216. These are some sick people. It appears that Lennox was abused the last 2 years that he was in prison. Maybe his accusers should be charged with animal cruilty. Also from what I understand the family can’t tell Lennox goodby? They can’t have his body? Sounds to me like Lennox was abused and in order for that not to be proven, the dog was killed early. These idiots can’t let the family see a dog who has been dead for awhile now. And of course they can’t take Lennox’s body when it is already gone.

  217. What is wrong with the members of the BCC!? Have you no soul, no heart, no conscience? Ireland is supposed to be a magical land of leprechauns, fairies, and Druids. Bucolic farms and the sounds of pennywhistles. If this dog is killed, to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, Ireland . . . at very least Northern Ireland . . . will be the land of stubborn, pig-headed, bullying dog killers. No place that I want to visit and spend my tourist dollars. Do the right thing . . . show some mercy and release the dog to Victoria Stillwell. Otherwise, I’m thinking that the anger and violence of the IRA is alive, well, and living in politicians in Belfast.

  218. One and a half years ago, I brought home an abandoned Pit-Bull. I found him at a local gas station in Texas eating from a bag of popcorn on the ground by an overflowing trash dumpster. He was skin and bone an obviously abandoned. Everyone was afraid of him because of his breed, especially my wife who demanded we find ¨ IT ¨ a home. Today, neither my wife or myself could imagine life without our beautiful ¨Sugar ¨. He has changed the views of everyone who was afraid of Pit-Bulls because of his gentle and peaceful nature. He loves everyone, including children and all other dogs, even chihuahuas! He is an angel sent to us from heaven and when I look into the eyes of Lennox, I see the same peaceful look. He is wondering right now what he did and why this has happened to him but if he is anything like my Sugar, he probably still holds no ill will toward his barbaric captores. No man has the right to judge what is good or evil in this world without just cause and a dog looking like a Pit-Bull is certantly no cause at all. To the people in charge of Lennox,s fate… Look into his eyes and search your heart, don´t follow the crowd, but have the courage to stand up for this angel. You may be his only hope. The story hasn´t ended yet. Please do the right thing and return Lennox to his family. To the family that Lennox belongs to… I am so sorry for the ignorance that mankind STILL suffers today. After all the wars and killing for hundreds of years, some men and women have not learned that if they look for love, they will see it. Some men and women still look for violence, and they see it. They may feel they are doing the right thing, but their ignorance is so painful to those who love. I hope for you and for your angel, that a miracle happens.

  219. Ok folks – someone just sent me this on twitter & anything is worth a shot:
    contact DARD Animal Welfare Officer on 028 9027 0431 to represent family at final moment, his power overrides BCC, also contact Bert Houston, Chief Veterinary Officer [email protected]… top man insures proper humane procedure.
    OK folks…some work to be done….

  220. Shame on you Belfast. Sticking with a false premise. It is the human that makes the dog violent. It has been the doberman, the rotweiler, the german shepherd ……….. now it is the “pit-bull” type. This is just the progression in “fashion” in “status” dogs, some goaded to fight through fear for their own lives. Wake up – it is the people not the dog. We have visited Belfast over and over for breaks from the South for over fifteen years (Ten Square by City Hall is currently our favourite) but no more if this ignorant, pig-headed action goes ahead, we will never set foot in Belfast or any of its hotels again.

  221. BCC – Murderers, deceivers, and cowards…hopefully, soon to be unemployed. Lennox may forgive you but the world will not.

  222. Let this little dog live. He did not do anythig to anyone, besides being a wonderful beloved familydog.

  223. Belfast BCC needs to be very ashamed. I have a companion dog myself and can’t even begin to imagine what that young girl and her family are going through. That council is arrogant, mean spirited and obviously have nothing good in their hearts. Tears are flowing world wide for Lennox and he is no longer an Irish dog, he now belongs to the world and the world loves him. I am of Irish descent and have been to Ireland 4 times, my brother emigrated back nearly 30 years ago. Never have I been to Northern Ireland altho’ I was planning it on my next trip. I WILL NOT CROSS THAT BORDER IN THIS LIFETIME. I will wear BLACK on St. Patrick’s Day. How cruel can they be?

  224. This is absolutely horrible. This little girl (and family) will be scarred for this. If I were them, I would move away from there. This is what happens when a government gets too big. They are like communists!!! This is absolutely shameful and I hope the word is spread to every cubic mile of the world.

  225. The BCC and the people who allowed this to happen are as despicable and heinous as they come. I hope and pray that one day they develop a conscience and this deed will haunt their dreams both day and night! You are horrible, hateful, lying people!

  226. It’s a shame you are plugging your other site unrelated to Lennox, even if it is a well-intentioned plea for pitts. It’s taking advantage of the motive for which many heavyhearted people are on this page.

  227. Please let Lennox free, he hasnt done nothing wrong. he is paying a horrible price only for the way he looks. please lets try to save him if is not too late. WE love you Lennox forever.xxxx

  228. In 2001 I was a young 18 year old girl who had manic depression, frequently hurting myself without even realizing There’s a great animal shelter in Sydney Australia called renbury, on one of my many visits I meet the big eyes of the guy who was about to be my best friend. Tigger was a mix breed mastif cross who knows what. He was young, parvo filled and so scared. After a lot of vet visits and much tlc tigger was an amazing part of our family for many years. He was always there, from hospital visits, coming to work with me and even being part of our wedding party which made our day.

    I successfully was able to get off the anti depressants which made life finally liveable and not only my family and my doctors but I know this was from my big man.

    He was there for me always. Great with kids and always had me in his sights. Without him I would still be unable to leave my home without supervision, would never have been able to learn live amongst people, or know how much my life matters to others.

    Tiger gave me a reason to live. How could anyone take that away from

    Your decision has been made, I can not change your mind, I can not fix this, I can not save Lennox. Though I saved tigger as tigger saved me, what have you done?

  229. I am outraged!! sick of it all! it has to stop! Fortunately there are a lot of association for our dear beloved! myself I create my own association, which I hope this will know and be able to save many lives … strongly that people understand this day and stopped these breeds prejudice and horror that lands on them! stop stop stop ………

    je suis outré !!!! marre de tout cela !!! il faut que cela cesse !!! heureusement qu’il y a pas mal d’association pour nos chere aimé !!
    moi même j’ai créer ma propre association, qui je l’éspere ce fera connaitre et pourras sauvé plus d’une vie…
    vivement qu’un jours les gens comprennent cette races et arrete ces préjuger et horreur qui pose sur eux !!!
    stop stop stop ………

  230. Lennox sollte nicht sterben nur weil er nach Meinung der Ämter von der Rasse falsch ist…..er hat doch überhaupt nichts gemacht…Menschen werden auch nicht getötet wenn sie nicht der Norm entsprechen….bitte laßt ihn zu seiner Familie

  231. RIP, precious Lennox. May your family find comfort knowing that your cause will now be a rallying cry for dog lovers around the world! END BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION!!! I will take up the fight in your memory. Shame on you, Belfast City Council!

  232. Belfast I hope you are happy! Because you are now officially DEAD to me! I never want to see you faces as you killed a innocent dog just because of his looks? If I looked illegal would I be killed? You now have the blood of Lennox on your hands and it will never go away and WE will never go away. God is now looking after Lennox now, he is at peace once again. Goodbye Lennox we will miss you take care as one day we will meet. As for you Belfast Goodbye is too nice so END.

  233. how does their minds work sex offenders can live amongst families with children criminals get more dignity and rights then lennox ,a loving beautifill dog what is our world coming to what happens to most murderers they get life in prison wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. I can’t believe this dog was taken from his loving family and kept for 2 years in shit conditions. I am really angry now, I will never come to your country ever.The ultimate price will be dealt out to you by the law of the universe, its only a matter of time before it will get each and every one of you who been involved Lennox’s murder, because thats what you have committed. MURDER. God have mercy on your souls because I DON’T

  235. Len has been dead a loong time. They either killed him as soon as they stole him or he died those horrid conditions. Otherwise they would have allowed him to be rehomed, they would have allowed an inbiased trainer to eval him, they would have allowed his family a goodbye, they would have allowed his body to be handed over. They had no idea it would go global. And that ugly ass Queen and her equally ugly ass family are just as quilty, I was planing to go to N Ireland. Never!!!

  236. Lets Take this a Bit Further,What if a Person Does Not Fit into the Slot they have Created?,This Canadian is Totally Ticked. May God Have Mercy On Your Miserable Soul.!!!

  237. If this was Belfast City Council’s intention all along, then they should have invoked their ‘rules and regulations’ long before this. Not only did they drag poor Lennox away from his family and special little friend they then forced him to live in squalor and solitude. I have to trust that the people involved in perpetuating the lies regarding Lennox will receive their just rewards someday, especially the ‘lady’ in the photograph kissing Lennox and they saying such lies about him. . I have to believe that Lennox is now over the Rainbow Bridge with many of his kind who have also been shown such cruelty. May he now find the peace is deserves to much and may his family and special friend heal and remember only the happy times with Lennox. Rest In Peace Lennox and SHAME ON YOU BELFAST – this is one person who will never set foot in Ireland if this is the way you treat those that need your protection.

    • I agree with you. I live in Canada and although i never met Lennox, I fell in love. He was totally innocent of any wrong doing and was the pet of that little disabled girl. The fact that they won’t release his body to his family or give the little girl his collar, etc leads me to believe that they have something to hide. The BCC is full of liars, they even lied on the stand in court. Sandy Lightfoot lied as well. Anyone that said he was dangerous was full of B.S. They didn’t listen to experts who said he was a well behaved dog and not a danger. It almost seems like no matter what the facts are, they were bent on murdering him. Also, BSL is crap. There is the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. I believe the same goes for animals as well. Lennox never did anything to anyone.

  238. i feel this is so wrong!! they put a poor dog down just cause of his looks !! why don’t they “put down” the killers etc that will sit in jail for life. what are they going to do next put down “every” dog that looks mean??? Does that mean they will put my dogs down because they are dobermans? (that are the biggest babies) come on what is the world coming too .. and then not to the let the owners say a final goodbye… that is wrong. how would they like it if they couldn’t say goodbye to someone or something they loved….i am so mad!!!!! all the way from Nova Scotia Canada!!!!

  239. I am sickened to think these people can drag an innocent dog away from his family due to its looks, whats next???? they don’t like the way your child or grandparents look! Seems to me like these folks have the Hitler complex and all need to be ousted from there positions. Glad I don’t live there and was planning a trip to Ireland but that will never happen now.There decission in my opinion was deadly wrong.Experts from around the world and pet owners near and far will agree with this. A family morns as does the world for this injustice to a loving 4 legged non vicious family member.How could you do this to a loving breathing creature.With your all mind sets your children and grandchildren and there pets and any disabled children and anything or any one you don’t like the looks of should fear for there lives. You are not God and your decision is a crime! you should all be in prison for 2 years while we animal lovers everywhere decide your fate. RIP LENNON

  240. Ridiculous fear mongering by a woman warden who was afraid of a doggie. A dog that never hurt anyone. We aren’t talking about a vicious dog that did injury, we are talking about a dog that didn’t match up to a tape measure and a dog warden’s cowardice.

  241. The BCC and the judges need to be investigated as to why with so many injustices stated for Lennox — did this happen! They need to be held accountable for the actions or what they call their “duty”! They did not do their “duty” or Lennox would be free now! I pray that justice will be served on behalf of the memory of Lennox and that this horrible BSL will be elimnated all together! So unfair!! RIP LENNOX! YOU HAVE TOUCHED MY HEART SO!!! West Virginia (USA)

  242. It is an absolute disgrace to humanity that Lennox was murdered due to BSL. BSL is a way for people who are scared to gain control over something that they have no idea about. BSL is a misrepresentation for situations that should be holding owners accountable for unstable dogs as opposed to the breed itself. All breeds have the ability, in the wrong hands, to be aggressive and dangerous. To assume that it is any one breed is pure ignorance. We live in a time where we try to condone actions under laws that are not made by the majority of the people, instead by leaders who have a view point on something and try to force it on others.

    We need to start to stand up to stupidity and ignorance. Lennox did not deserve this and even after other options were given, the authorities in Belfast did not even want to discuss them. That is pure ignorance! If he was considered to be a danger to people, don’t you think that professionals who were willing to pull him and place him in safety would have evaluated him and determined the best solution for him. How many people do you know held in captivity for 2 years, would adjust well immediately. He was a family dog prior to his seizure and there were no records of bad behavior, on the contrary he was a therapy dog for the families little girl. Is Belfast really going to try to make people believe that the family would have put their daughter in harms way just to keep a “dangerous” dog. I personally will never visit Belfast and it is a sad day for all dog lovers world wide. Belfast should be held accountable for the lies and cover up that went on in regards to a beloved family pet. R.I.P Lennox! Justice will prevail!

  243. This is just crazy, the family should have been able to say goodbye and have his ashes what the h— are they going to do with the ashes,just toss them. An animal is not just a pet it is part of your family, they become a child to you. The loss of a child can be devastating.

  244. I will never understand the judgement on this breed. To be PTS because of their bloodline is beyond horific. Dogs are our best friends, our counslers, our workout buddies. They are are children…. our loves. For any country to do away with a breed, or dog doing nothing wrong but being born should be a crime punishable by death in itself. I will fight my entire life for Pitbulls and their incredible souls and the love they share with us everyday!

  245. You violated human laws and will be punished by people and by God very soon!You are Satan slaves!You are disgusting imbeciles! You are corrupted and will end your lives in jail or cancer hospice!Shame on Belfast!Shame on Northern Ireland!

  246. It is sad…i am a pitbull owner and lover of this breed….it is sad that there are so much bad owners out there giving these dogs a bad rap…we need to stand together to fit BSL laws….we stand for lennox and patrick and other dogs who have been treated inhumanely and unfairly…..these dogs suffered for so long, people over the world had tried with protest and support but authority figures used there power to their advantage. These dogs would not have died in vain but as a symbol for our fight from now and on wards to protect them…..they are our friends and family members. =( a sad day for lennox’s family but the fight will go on for those who are on board with it ….lennox,patrick and all the other pitts and pit look alikes we are fighting for you. =( always

  247. those heartless bastards wouldn’t want this to happen to their beloved pet…Lennox was loved way more than those wretched humans think they are.

  248. this is disgusting there is no other word for this other than murder lennox didnt do anything wrong he didnt ever bite any 1 or attack any1 he was murdered simply because of what he looked like this shows the ignorance of the bsl and the belfast council to let this happen to this poor dog I STAND AGAINST THE BSL I STAND FOR DEED NOT BREED please some1 stop this.This message is dedicated to lennox the innocent bulldogxlab sleep now buddy the world knows you died for no reason your life is now a legacy

  249. I am appalled by the lack of compassion and injustice in Belfast. Why did you make an innocent living being suffer? Why did you take a family’s beloved family member from them and make him suffer in a cage without love for 2 years? Why did you take that little girl’s best friend from her? I will not speak well of your city or it’s ability to govern. I will not visit or recommend Belfast in any way. Your “laws” crushed the hearts of an entire family. Shame on you Belfast!!!

  250. I will never travel to Belfast. I would not spend my hard earned money in a city that ripped apart a family & killed an innocent dog for the way he looks. I believe Belfast killed Lennox before july 11th, 2012. Why would the family be denied to say goodbye, or recieve his body for a burial? Why would Belfast deny Lennox from being re-homed far from Ireland, even after several celebrities spoke out? I believe he was killed by the evil Belfast City Council at an earlier date & they are hiding this fact. Shame on you B.C.C. you are evil people with hard hearts. May every one who sits on the city council rot in hell!

  251. What it means Lennox was MURDER because of his looks nothing less, he never bit anyone or anything the BCC Murder him plain and simple


  253. Why did they send a breeder pit back home and keep Lennox who did nothing wrong and then after prison for 2 years – kill him? Evil people. God bless Lennox’s family and Lennox’s soul. He is at the Bridge now and they will see him on the other side. God sees ALL and I’m sure he doesn’t like what was done to this poor helpless doggie.

  254. Shame on Belfast. This will NEVER be forgotten as you have proceeded to conduct an injustice. You can wash your hands a million times over, but we will all still see the blood that stains them. If Belfast comes out of my mouth, I can assure you, it will never be anything positive.

  255. I believe Lennox was put to sleep a long time ago. If it is their law that no pits are allowed in their jurisdiction, then why hold onto a dog that you are not going to adopt out, or have to spend money on to take care of for two years. Doesn’t make sense, does it? I am sure this is why they have denied the family to see Lennox or have refused to let others get him our of their country. If people had been aware of this when it first happened then the country might have worked with us in the U.S. so they could save face and look like the good guys by releasing him. If they can’t produce the dog, then the dog is not there. I don’t know of any shelter or rescue group and I’ve been in rescue many years that would hold onto a dog that was forbidden in their country and would hold onto for that period of time knowing he wasn’t ever getting out. If they are trying to make a statement, why wait so long if the dog is still alive which I doubt.. There is more to this story we don’t know about. I’m sure Lennox has gone over the rainbow bridge but after this story he will never be forgotten. Punishment comes in many different forms and those responsible will get what they deserve in time.

  256. As a dog mom of a sound, calm and extremely loyal and loving pit bull, this makes me sick to my stomach and I have cried for Lennox and his family. I can’t imagine the emotions they are dealing with right now. Shame on Belfast, punish the deed not the breed and owners SHOULD be held responsible. That being said, I hope the world shits on Belfast!

  257. R.I.P gorgeous Lennox , I honestly cannot believe people have LIED about this poor dog who did NOTHING WRONG to anything or anybody, and I hope that LYING DOG WARDEN never needs help from anyone he/she must have a swinging brick for a heart to lie and say poor Lennox was dangerous just because they didn’t like how he looked and BCC you should HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME YOU CALLOUS B******S

  258. Michelle O’Neil and your partners,you decided to murder an innocent dog.Are you happy now?I suppose you lot are.Ok go out and have a pint tonight and then go home and sleep peacefuly.You made it,well done.I hope you rott in hell.RIP sweet LENNOX,you belonged to each and every one of us.You are the dog with the biggest family,the family of worldwide animal lovers.

  259. I will never forget the name and the place of this injustice, as i never do for true ones, forever in my mind and heart. Lorenzo from Rome.

  260. This poor dog has been put through enough with being jailed for 2 years as it is so please dont punish him anymore without any proof or reason, lets save him and do him justice and let him go back with his family. the dog has no control of his fate so please as human beings save him from being put to sleep/ please????Lets prove we are animal lovers as he deserves to live.He has done nothing wrong!

  261. What was done to Lennox is totally WRONG!!! Poor Lennox did NOTHING wrong to anyone and these idiots had no right to make this decision!!!! Lennox rest in peace!!!! These monsters will get what they deserve!! Karma and I wouldn’t want to be near them when it strikes! Heartless Monsters is what they are!!!! My heart also goes out the Lennox’s Family I could never imagine.

  262. BSL is wrong. There are dogs of all breeds that can be aggressive. Will the next step be to ban all breeds of dogs. What next if a cat scratches someone will it be against the law to have a cat. You took Lennox out of his home because he was a possible pitbull type. Your dept. has him as a bulldog on his license, but still removed him from his home. It seems like you are not even sure yourself what type of dog Lennox was. Maybe you should of saved face when you did all this wrong and just let him come to America. “Land of the Free” but you were too subborn to admit your errors. Shame of you BCC you are have disgraced your country. The family has handled themselves with dignity and grace and you could not even let them see Lennox one more time. I will never spend one tourist dollar in your country.

  263. This act of injustice has been felt across the globe, I am sadden to hear that such goverment would allow acts like this. Discrimination is not tolerated in our country (Canada) so why is the act of discrimination against the breeds of (dogs) animals acceptable.
    People need to start realizing that its not the breeds of these animals, its the owners, just because 50 -120 years ago these animals were trained to be a certain way, does it mean they are going to be this way today. If you noticed i said “trained”, these animals in no way shape or form want to be aggressive, they are trained to be vicious. So the acts on humans should be to blame.? I guess its easier for an animal to take the blame rather than the idiots right? Animals have rights and people need to start fighting for them, just like woman fought to vote, and our country has fought for freedom. I am pissed off and sick of seeing people that think they know animals and judge them, to me the judge of Belfast was never going to side he just made it seem so, that way he wouldnt look to be so cold heart as he really is. Karmas a Bi@ch and belive me he will get what he deserves.

    Belfast you are my enemy …..

    • I agree. They will all eventually get what they deserve (BCC, the judges, Sandy Lightfoot and the rest). I hope the people of Belfast retaliate big time.

  264. http://extra.globo.com/noticias/mundo/cachorro-encontrado-com-boca-amarrada-lingua-inchada-do-lado-de-fora-5444499.html


  265. please let lennox live is life to the full with is family who love him very much he needs his family let the lord watch him out there sending my lovemy thoughts are with is family xx

  266. Americans are hypocrites you still have death row you have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children in the last 10 years and well what about the 70 million animals killed for science in the USA every years they suffer hypocrites the lot of you.

  267. All involved in murdering this dog are dangerous psychopaths who should be locked away for the rest of their worthless lives where they can no longer harm anyone. This was a vile, cruel, unnecessary, irrational, inhumane, evil act on the part of cowards completely devoid of conscience, compassion, reason, decency, or humanity. They treated both Lennox and his human family horribly and without mercy. Boycott Belfast!

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