About This Petition

This is an independent petition created by a pit bull love in the US who has watched this entire Lennox case from the beginning. I do not know the UK laws and am not affiliated with the Belfast council in any way. The petition is being forward every few hours to the full list of council members at Belfast as well as the Prime Minister. I also have UK residents who are working with me on bringing this petition directly to Downing Street in an effort to force them to look at it since it seems that anything with over that may signatures is required by Parliament to be reviewed. (I am sketchy on this so do not take this verbatim!).

I plan on sharing this petition with Belfast every day several times a day for a every long time to let them know the long term damage they have caused to their worldwide support and local tourism. That is my ultimate goal.

Of course, if Lennox is still alive – his release – would easily make all of this go away. Yes, it would be that easy. Return a puppy to a little girl – and get your good name back Belfast.

183 thoughts on “About This Petition

    • What gives you the right to play god to these pet dogs who decides which dog lives and which dog dies? Its a disgrace what you have done to this poor innocent dog LENNOX you all should be so ashamed of yourselves shame on Belfast

    • please give this dog back to his little girl, you are breaking her heart, how can you lay your head down on your pillow and sleep knowing you killed an innocent dog? This is racism in the dog world.

  1. Is Lennox still alive? Is there a chance something can be worked out to have him
    adopted somewhere out of the area. It would be too sad if they killed a loved family member just because someone thought he had some pit bull in him. I feel so bad for the family and poor Lennox being imprisoned for two years just because of the way he looks. This whole thing is so very wrong, unjust and sad. I hope there is still a chance for Lennox.

  2. End bsl bullsh*t. It not right or fair that loving harmless dogs are taken away from ther loving families. The law has got to change.

  3. I think what happened to Lennox and his family is horrible you are not God. How can you say that people can’t have a certain breed if dog even a mixed breed . You are evil a dog is a family member are you going to start taking people’s children away if they misbehave? This dog didn’t do anything to anyone except love his family and now you are going to murder him again you are not god and you will be punished one day by the lord for murder!

  4. There’s a reason breed-specific legislation is being repealed all over the world — because it’s cruel, barbaric, and, most importantly, ignorant. Shame on Belfast!

  5. words fail me how anyone can justify the death of a healthy animal who has never harmed anyone and has been dragged away from the people who are devoted to him just because he is a pit bull type….. there is no justice in this world at all…. and where will it end….. why dont you just do the same as the Ukraine and euthinise all dogs cos lets face it any breed has the potential to harm thats why responsible owners slend time to train them

  6. i cannot put into words my anger about the outcome of poor lennox rest assure Belfast animal lovers all over the world will never forgive you i for one will never step foot in your country buy any products from your country and i feel your tourism will go down after all feelings are running high we will never forget what you have done.

  7. Listen to everyones side and also your concience…..i hope the people involved lose their jobs….will that make you realise the hurt this poor dogs owners are going through? Shame on you. A perfectly good life has been ruined…well done,i hope you get a pat on the back and feel proud. Rather you than me….

  8. It’s stupefyingly both amazing and absurd to see a group of adults in charge of representing a city make such abysmal decisions based on ego and pride rather than fact and the law.

  9. Belfast city council yiu should be ashamed of yourselves putti down an innocent life and taking away a disabled girls dog!! Utterly disgusting… Karma is a bitch and you all will have your day.

  10. Bringing murder in Belfast to a whole new level. Not on my tourist list any longer, and will spread the word.

    Give the dog back, and to the family, get the dog and yourselves away from this primitive form of accessing dogs.

  11. This is an absolute shame! Why destroy an innocent animal, a girl’s best friend, and a member of a loving family? If the owners weren’t being responsible and if they hadn’t registered Lennox, then the city would have left him alone BUT because they are responsible owners and were following YOUR idiotic rules about registration, this poor animal was caught in the crosshairs! Shame on you Belfast!!!!

  12. There must be something that can be done to prevent this miscarriage of justice which has soured the worlds view of an otherwise great country and it’s people?? Please help!! Review the case, look at the facts and return a well loved, perfectly behaved family pet to his rightful place! End this travesty, it’s not too late to do the right thing and restore the good name of ireland

  13. Totally disgusted that this dog was impounded & then euthanized due to merely his breed! Good dogs should not pay with their lives due to ptedjuidice about their breed! This is now happening in Australia too & governments should educate themselves better before creating these ridiculous laws. From a disgusted Aussie veterinary nurse with 15 years experience with dogs.

  14. Thank you for this.

    I have emailed the relevant authorities the following:
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I write in disgust at reading of the decision by an incompetent judge to kill a pet dog due to its apparent breed type, in spite of the fact that even experts cannot distinguish with any certainty what constitutes that particular breed.

    The dog in question, Lennox, has bitten no-one and shown no sign of aggressive tendencies towards members of the public. A photo circulating on the internet even shows the pet licking a dog wardens face.

    It is rather alarming that such poorly judging judges are sat in our law courts, often making serious decisions that effect the wider public. If such a ‘judge’ cannot even make a fair assessment concerning the future welfare of an animal, what chances do us humans have of a fair trial. I would seriously call into question the suitability of such a person to sit in our Courts.

    I will no longer visit the Province in spite of having made may visits of the last 35 years. Never again!
    Stephen Holland
    PROVERBS 12v10

  15. Back in the 70′s Northern Ireland had ”murderers” walking the streets…
    Now they have them sitting on their Court benches..:(
    Put the Justice back into the system and let the UK be known again as a Nation of Animal Lovers..Give our Country back the credit it deserves…
    Have a Heart..Find the HUMAN in humanity,and send Lennox to Southern Ireland where he CAN be free to walk and run as he SHOULD..
    Euthanasia is NOT the answer..and NEW ADDRESS IS!!!

  16. The people of Belfast should be ashamed of themselves, this was a beautiful dog who just happened to look like a pitbull and you murdered a family member and this is one person who will never ever forgive you for the murder that you did

    • Its not the people of Belfast that are in the wrong here many of them have supported his cause … it is the authorities ..please show them some consideration

    • The people of Belfast did not do this. A handful of staff in one organisation did. Lennox was killed because of a generalisation about dog types, please don’t do the same to a whole city of people.

  17. This is Outrageous! Lennox needs to be Free,to spend his life with his family who Loves him! He has done Nothing wrong,and was taken away because of ignorance and prejudice ONLY! The people responsible for this ,and who turned down his appeal, are TRULY HEARTLESS!! This breaks my heart! Poor baby Lennox!

  18. Sentencing Lennox to death has created the worst nightmare for Belfast City.Apart from the owners,ordinary citizens will suffer from this,who in a right mind is going to visit the city ? A wrong appearance can land you in jail ,people will think twice before going to Belfast again !

  19. To: BCC

    He’s been proven not to be a pitbull terrier so let his owners take him home please he’s just an innocent dog who needs love not to be put to sleep for looking like a pitbull. Pleaded bcc have s heart.

    Kind regards
    V. Simpson

  20. This innocent dog dies because closed minded people only see one thing! “Killers” That’s what immature owners have caused these wonderful dogs to branded as!! They are far from this! They are loving sweet animals that deserve a chance to live a life like everything else! This is unfair & stupid! You want punish a innocent animal when you need to spend more time & effort to punishing people who cause harm & is able to be held for the crimes they did! But no you let them sit in a cell then put them back out to do it again! This dog as many other do nothing & they die! Makes no sense!!! About as much as the moron who made this law! Try & take my pit bull & see who will be the one to hurt you! Little hint…not my dog!

  21. I will never forget what Belfast has done to tear a family apart, based only on what a dog looked like, not by any wrong he committed. I vow to never visit your city & will publicly denounce you & your council until this wrong is acknowledged. Shame on you & your narrow mindlessness.

  22. Sad sad day for humanity! Ridiculous show of ignorance on the part of Belfast. Guess their politicians are just as stupid and heartless as ours in the USA.

  23. For Lennox!!! He should be returned to his family N Ireland should better deal with real criminal cases!! Don t you think ?

  24. Now that I know they have such idiotic dog laws I plan on vacationing elsewhere. They lost any chance of repeat business with me

  25. The injustice done to LENNOX and a heartbroken family is undeniably and egregiously wrong! Stop judging the breed Belfast and start looking at the individual animals. If Lennox had been truly aggressive and dangerous I could (maybe) forsee this outcome as even possible BUT that is and has not been the case in any of Lennox’s 7 years on earth. You call Lennox the “PROBLEM” because of breed but I (and many others) say that you, Belfast, are the true “PROBLEM” You have BLOOD on your hands Belfast and that is not going to vanish unless (if Lennox is still alive at the time of receipt of this) LENNOX IS FREED AND ALOUD TO GO HOME TO HIS FAMILY AND HIS DISABLED HUMAN GIRL! I AM APPALLED AT THE BELFAST COURTS UPHOLDING AND I DOUBT SERIOUSLY IF ANY HAVE A HEART OR A CONSCIOUSNESS! My heart goes out to LENNOX and HIS FAMILY for the injustice you have passed down on the innocent!

  26. Will refuse to visit belfast after the inhumane torture of this animal. No animal or human deserves discrimination!!

  27. Destroying an innocent dog due to his breeding makes as much sense is destroying a human because of their skin color.

  28. You do not have right to play God.
    Over his animals, return him to his owners. We The people Of The world ,are seeing how you do justice in your country. Shame On you.
    I will never visit a your land.

    Eve Santos
    A voice for The voiceless

  29. No dog deserves this, NO MATTER THE BREED. BSL is a load of bologna/crap/cowdung…I could go on and on. It is not the pits who are naturally aggressive, it is TAUGHT. I have taken care of many pitbulls and they are glorious, protective creatures. It is the protective nature that is mistaken for a ‘i’ll tear you limb from limb’ aggression. What breed will be next…chihuahua’s? Poodles? It isn’t a joke but a sobering reminder that since we can’t fault blame on the human race, we fault it on our furry companions that depend on us to survive. I wish, after seeing things like this, that I wasn’t a cruel, heartless human like the Parliament in Belfast.

  30. What you have decided is wrong! Lennox is a member of a family who misses him and wants him home! We in Illinois believe all humans and dogs should not be discriminated against. Our dogs are family not just pets.He has not done anything wrong to deserve this! So look into his eyes and tell him hes bad and deserves to die…bet you can’t! Shame on you all Belfast…one place ill never visit..

  31. This just makes no sense at all… Lennix has not shown any aggression. Or has he ever? If it was law to judge someone by the way they look well then people and other animals would die daily… This was not gods plan .. judge on appearance …why not just give him back and allow him to be happy and if for some crazy reason (unlikely im sure) he becomes crazed then by all means judge him but until then it just not fair…. i will continue to pray…. please bring lennox home….

  32. What a sad day and it would have been so easy to make it a happy one. You have broken a little girl’s heart…I hope you are proud!

  33. I am shocked & deeply saddened by the decision to put an innocent, valued life to an end. For reasons so many of us just don’t understand – we are dog owners, lovers, trained professionals and simple people with hearts. Yes, Lennox has the ability to bite somebody; so do my dogs and they are not ‘pit-bull type breeds’ EVERY dog has the ability to bite and be dangerous but well trained dogs who love & respect their families choose! not to! Lennox, even under duress and mistreatment from Belfast City Council staff chose! not to.
    I am a UK resident and many of us are finding it hard to be proud of that fact these days, the way this poor family and dog have been treated is just another example of how backward this country has become. The world were watching & waiting for Belfast to show that we can achieve proper justice in this country and so far you’ve failed! Shame on you all.
    I urge once again that you do the right thing, Mr Cameron, it’s high time you stepped in. Send this dog home to his loving family or his blood will be on your hands too!

    • Oh! I’m so sorry, I thought that was the actual petition I was leaving a comment on. Please delete if it’s not appropriate!

  34. KARMA…… Come on people, what goes around comes around. This is an innocent creature please return him to his family this is wrong on so many levels…

  35. What’s wrong with you people?Hasn’t this dog suffered enough.He needs to be returned to his family ASAP.

  36. What an absolute disgrace, poor Kennix is guilty of no offense yet sentenced to death.. And what’s worse is the condition this dog was allowed to get in whilst in councils care, if the owner had done it they would have be charged with animal cruelty/neglect. How heartless do the council have to be? Not even allowing the family to say goodbye, what harm would there have been in that??? Belfast council you make me sick to my stomach :-(

  37. Shame on you Belfast Council for not releasing a much loved inicent family dog to a very distraught little girl. Remove your bloody red tape and just do the right thing. Your not doing yourself any favors.

  38. As an animal professional, I find this appalling, that not only would you kill, Lennox, the Staffordshire Terrior, but not even let his family say good bye. People love animals and children and are not forgiving of abuse to them, in America. You have done both. I urge you, if, Lennox, is still alive, do not execute him. He is not just a dog, but a symbol of his breed and how people are trying to kill it off. This breed is a wonderful breed and is only aggressive if raised to be, as any other breed would be. I have a half Staffordshire and he is one of the most loving dogs I have ever seen. Again I urge you to reconsider your judgement. I know you can reverse it if you want to.

  39. I am deeply saddened by the decision made today. Lennox should be home with his family! Not locked up!! Always remember you have scared the life of a child and she will always carry that decision with her.

  40. It is so sad that bureaucracy and ignorance and fear shall win over Love and loyalty between a dog and a child. It is sad and very depressing that in this day and age with endless information at hand, that this type of racism and judgement is made, in spite of the worldwide efforts and options available. BE ASHAMED BELFAST! Be very aware the world is watching!!! Love to Lennox and his family!

  41. My thoughts are with you Lennox and your companion. I sincerely hope justice is done and you are freed to continue doing such incredibly good work by supporting and loving your companion. Will spread the word for justice and humanity for Lennix here in Australia.

  42. The planet, is so disappointed, with your decision. The world, is boycotting, your city. Very, bad, decision.

  43. Breed specific legislation is racism in its truest form. Don’t punish Lennox and others like him because of their breed. You wouldn’t punish a human because of their ethnicity would you?


  45. This is unethical and prejudice. We have to work together to end BSL. Our pitbull is our best friend and is a part of our family. I cannot imagine the pain this family is going through, we should not have to (nor should anyone else).

  46. It’s not the breed! Pit bull dogs are loving family dogs. How can you judge one or others actions. Give this precious dog A home outside your country if you do not want him!

  47. I am horrified at this decision which is so wrong on so many levels, an innocent ripped from his family who has been treated badly whilst allegedly in the care of bcc but from pics appears to now be a shell of his former self. How can this be justified when the same country allows a boxer type dig that attacked children to live, the owner to be fined and permitted to keep her dog so long as she muzzled it outside? Double standards I think. I also think the judges in lennoxs case are saving face in view of the public outcry for Lennox and ate too proud to admit they got it so wrong and cannot now be seen to back down! Well the bigger and better man would admit I am wrong as they should, shame on you all, admit u are wrong, free Lennox :-(

  48. Both ireland and england are anti pit bull breeds and there atr hundres of people having their dogs seized daily. I’m in constant fear each day that they will take my boy. He isn’t a pit bull but a staffy, but it seems it doesn’t matter any more if it looks like a terrier breed they take it. Why do these people not understand thatthese dogs are only dangerous if in the wrong hands. I was brought up with pit bulls and staffies and these babies are geniually good breeds to have round children. I hear more incidents with german shepards , but the press never report those instead they focus only one the big terrier breed. We need help to make the gov bodies listen and start punishing the owners who miss treat and train these dogs to be agressive and attack. Plesse if we all come together we can make a difference.

  49. you lie you kep this innocnt dog in appaling conditions , free tis dog oor l pray his face haunts you for ever this is MURDR OF INNOCNTS your just making a fool of irland SHAME ON YOU ALL OF YOU WHO HAD ANY DALING’S WITH LENNOX’S DEATH START PRAYING FOR FORGIVNESS BUT NO 1 WILL FORGIVE YOU put him to sleep and your are all involved in MURDER

  50. Lennox is an innocent vulnerable pet who should be rightfully returned to those that love him. He should not be condemned to death because of some outdated poorly enforced unfair legislation. Do not punish the innocent or their blood will forever on your hands.

  51. This so disgusts me…….It would be a whole different story if it was a healthy human being put to sleep…….

  52. I beseech you, kneeling in the name of Our Creator of all Animals, Stop your terrible sentence against, the Kindly, * Lennox * and for the little sick girl who needs his friend a member of their Families, Thank you with all my Heart

  53. To judge a dog based on its looks and not it’s behaviour is as appalling as to judge a man by his colour or race. We have tried to abolish such discriminations yet here you are enforcing one. No living, breathing, feeling, loving being should be judged on appearance. It should be on their individual behaviour. Choosing to enforce laws such as BSL is the same as when hitler captured and killed the Jews. It is mass killing for no reason based on prejudice and immoral, irrational, uneducated, bias opinions. No ‘type’ should be judged as a whole. They should be judged as an individual. To deny this innocent, sweet life that was described by professionals as ‘no threat’ and a ‘loving family dog’ and to take the opinion of a person who simply works along side dogs (not even the breed in question) is disgraceful. You have shown the world that the ‘people’ of Belfast are stubborn, irrational and uncaring. I say that as a ‘stereotype’ unto which you have judged an innocent family pet and sentenced him to an unfair and unjust death.

    • 100% agree with you Steph, a great injustice has been done, but whilst we can’t bring Lennox back, we can ensure that Belfast hotels, shops, pubs et al are made fully aware that a boycott of Belfast goods and services is down to the mayor and councillors. They say money talks so let everyone that was intending to visit Belfast and spend there stay well away, then maybe the citizens will elect a body that does not judge by appearance.

  54. Quanta ignorância querer matar um animal… Quer matar, matem assasonos, traficantes, estrupadores que fazem tudo concientes de sí mesmos

  55. Get on board and kick Belfast to the curb.
    An innocent family pet has been sentenced to death
    …all because of lies & the need to save ‘face

  56. I will pray for Lennox and I am not even religious. From the small amount i have read about this case it seems so unfair.

  57. You should be ashamed of yourself. Weren’t you ever taught not to judge a book by its cover? Now you have taken a family member, a little girls best friend, why? You better believe that I will never vacation in Belfast.

  58. Do not breed discriminate! Its basically racial discrimination and it sickens me. What did Lennox do to deserve to be treated like this?

  59. I am saddened to hear such a verdict. I have grown to love the pit bull breed and do not understand the gross descrimination they receive. I hope in the future people will educate themselves rather than blindly condemn.

  60. This is the result of having people in charge of the welfare of animals who have no empathy with the animals themselves

    • no empathy and NO EXPERIENCE.
      I would take the individuals to court and ask them what qualifications they have, that they can determine why this dog should be put down.
      I would take each individual person to court and sue them.
      Especially the drop out police (supposed) dog handler with no experience.

  61. This discrimination is ridiculous. back in the day dobermans were said to be bad,dangerous etc so not true. We had one adopt my family and was our protector in early 80s. to put an animal down due to its looks is just as bad if not worse than doing to human being not to mention poor kid Brooke. When you are little your pets are your bestfriend and this is crushing such young spirit. Not to mention how this will change her views thoughts and anything else in the future.

  62. PLEASE save Lennox its unfair its like saying if ur black or from iran irish italian etc that there is something wrong with you We as people can be aggressive violent but we dont get put down for being different What do or how do we explain this to our kids its just not right especially as he has done nothing wrong ????all animals were here b4 us & will b here after we have gone – why cant u just make sure they have a safe & secure backyard always have him on a leash .. u can c in the pic where he is that he is very friendly loveable luvs 2 b around people So please let him go home to his family
    PLEASE PLEASE there is more u can do besides putting him down

  63. The legal flaws in this case and the obvious cover ups speak volumes. BCC KNOW that they are in the wrong. They have to do the right thing and free Lennox. This should be taken to a different court, outside Belfast… where the truth can be heard and justice carried out… LET LENNOX LIVE!!!

  64. This just shows the ignorance of the city council that has no empathy for God’s creatures, no matter how they are packaged. It’s a shame that any family has to go thru this with their fur baby.

  65. I am sickened by the gross misjustice dealt to Pitbulls. I have been around some pitbulls which are the sweetest dog you ever want to see; hell they are nicer than a whole lot of people I know. How about putting to death the humans that train this breed and others for dog fighting. Go after the source!!!

  66. Belfast, the world is watching you. You take a beautiful baby away from a young disabled girl. The world would like to know why. Are you going to do the same to people? Why not murder disabled people, or the elderly? Is anybody/anything safe? This makes me very ashamed to say my ancestors were from Belfast. Please show that you are not the evil people the world is seeing and stop punishing a poor young girl because you dont have the guts to admit you were wrong

  67. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you Belfast!!!! Beyond indignancies have been done here, ….. how far back have you stepped into a rotten history? to think that this is okay is beyond my realm of concept. . I am so dismayed and shocked, that I am probably making words up.
    Send that poor dog home lest ill befells your family in a similar manner……………does the year 1939 or 1940 Germany ring a bell?
    The dog is innocent, far more than can be said of whomever deemed his execution to be just.
    So sorry for Lennox and his family to have to live in this backward,and retarded society.
    I can’t say more without really spewing how I feel.

  68. Belfast. You have now one last chance to shine, by handing Lennox over ALIVE to an experienced hand which will ensure his and everyone elses safety. What would be the point of killing this dog when over 500 experienced rescues/handlers around the world have offered him a chance? NONE! No expense, NOTHING. You cannot let Lennox die if you are to be ever respected by the outside world again. Please Please show compassion!

  69. scientifically & morally abominable! I admit my ignorance but I was HORRIFIED when I discovered such a law existed in a country I thought was CIVILISED!!!

  70. Such a disgraceful conclusion by the Belfast authorities!!! Their reprehensible actions have forever defaced that nation. They now stand as a symbol of ignorance and oppression.

  71. I am disgusted by Lennox case. How would you feel if this happened to your dog, your family. You have no heart. FREE LENNOX!.

  72. Save Lennox from this inhumane and totally injustified action what a total miscarriage of justice this will be if this beautiful animal is put to sleep. He loves his family and they love him. What next, destroy disobedient children? Totally disgusted by this proposed action. Fight for justice for Lennox xxx

  73. With respect you live in the US not in Belfast and I applaud you for caring about the Pit Bull breed, I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers( I have rescued 5 altogether from being PTS) They are equallly maligned in the UK it is probably a matter of time before they are banned in the Uk too which will be SO SAD!! LIKE PIT BULLS IF HANDLED PROPERLY THEY ARE SUCH LOVELY DOGS.
    I am signing this petition but I can’t sign and promise not to go to Belfast there are lots of ordinary great people there including my family who have suffered to much horrific stuff for many years.
    I am concerned for the ordinary people of Belfast who may lose their jobs if tourism is affected. They are not responsible for this disgusting decision by the faceless authorities …Please do not take it out on a city and its proud and brave citizens on both sides that already suffered enough.

    I am absolutely appalled that this innocent dog has been punnished when he did nothing wrong..its an absolute travesty ….deed not breed!!

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  75. this dog does not fall under BSL.
    He is a Lab X Bulldog …
    Regardless he should not be judged by his looks. He did nothing wrong.
    Free LENNOX Belfast.

  76. I don’t under stand. We know it’s wrong to judge a person by their race. Why is it ok to sentence a dog to death because of his breed? How can you live with yourselves?

  77. You know, I am heartbroken over Lennox, can’t stop crying over him actually. But it saddens me so much that in a world where there is so much hate and war, that so many different countries and cultures took a stand together, and it may have all been in vain. I realize life isn’t fair, but this truly go beyond unfair! I was really hoping that it would be the fight for Lennox, and not his death, that would make a change in BSL. He shouldn’t have to be a martyr! I just hope he understands that it’s not his beloved family that has abandoned him, but an ignorant government. The picture of him in his dirty straw-covered jail cell will be permanently burned in my head. I just can’t stop crying!

  78. esse juiz não deve ter coração,será que nunca teve um animalzinho ?não sabe o valor que eles tem para gente?espero que ele desista de sacrificar o pobrezinho do lennox..

  79. This comment will probably not go any further, how I have a niece and nephew who own Pits. What manors they both have, Notices have gone to them that they have so many to get rid of them I detest the word”euthanize” that is what they want to do. Please listen, these wonderful and beautiful pets if treated right can be excelent pets. I have one and I love her to death. her mother came from a puppy miss which I detest also. The mother was abused and they got her out of there and were able to close the mill. Thank God! Back to the Pits families should check them out before letting them adopt. I agree son some issues, that little children should not have a pit. till they know how to treat them! I prayer they can save the Pits and their reputation. Some people do not have the no how to take care of them and love them…..thanks for letting me speak my piece.. I have a nephew he will become homeless if they take him away. Not right. Further investigations should follow before killing them. Please save Lennox. and all others…………………………… ask the question WWGD! What would God do? Amen

  80. The dog was microchipped and DNA-tested. He’s not even a Pit Bull, for heaven’s sake! Terrible decision-making, Belfast!

  81. I have been posting this petition everywhere on facebook. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have one of my kids murdered. My pets are my children and I would die for them. My heart goes out to the family of Lennox. I hope they can take some comfort in the support of the community.

  82. I can not understand how cruel and unjust treatment be as faithful people, as it is Ireland, a creature of God.

    God wants us to assist the animals when in need of help. One of every creature in distress has the same right to protection. All creatures on earth feel like we love all creatures on earth to suffer and die like us, so they are well treated as works of the Almighty Creator – our brothers.

    (Francis of Assisi)

  83. Do the right thing admit you are wrong !!! Free Lennox let him go home to his family !! We planned to visit Ireland this year this has CHANGED my mind completely !!!!!! FREEDOM FOR LENNOX

  84. Who is the person responsible for making this petition??
    The fraud paragraph sounds very unprofessional.
    “Continue to try and defraud me and you will be reported for harassment.” Really??
    What a good way to represent such a case. There’s many different ways to write this.

  85. Dear family of Lennox,

    I understand your struggle for Lennox and signed every petition.
    But I’m starting not to believe in his liberation. Redeem him, let him go into rainbow country. It’s not a dog’s life he has lived for over 750 days. I do the pictures of him in captivity hurts in my soul. Whenever I walk with my dog ??Lennox, I think of your Lennox.
    He has become a subject in a matter in which there are only about power.
    Save him from these cruel people.

    I feel for them.

    • In my mind I am every day in Lennox, this poor soul.
      I hope that this suffering has an end quickly.

      I send much love for Lennox <3

  86. Sir, I am writing this e-mail from Florida, USA. I implore you to please give Lennox a pardon. We are supposed to be a species that is humane and compassionate, yet, we are willing to put a member of a family to sleep for the way he looks and not the way he acts. Lennox has not harmed anyone, or has he shown any threat to any one.

    Sir, this is your opportunity to stand up and show the World, that Ireland is willing to take a stand, and end Breed Selection Legislation. Sir, this is your opportunity to lead the World to an understanding that it is not the breed of a dog that makes it dangerous, it is the way the dog is raised.

    This dog is a member of a Family, the treasure of a young child. Lennox has been locked up for nearly two years, not for something he has done, but for what people believe he will do, without any proof.

    Sir, please think of how one of your children would look upon others, if this was to happen to them.

    My last question is – If this was not a dog, but a person – Would Ireland allow them to be put to death for what they looked like, for what people believed they were potentially able to do, when evidence does not support that claim?

    I was once proud of my Irish heritage, but an act this outrageous with no compassion, has made me wish I was anything but.

    There is an easy fix to all of this – Let Lennox FREE, let him go back to his family, or the worst case to the family that is willing to adopt him.


    John Connell
    Florida, USA.

  87. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to offer something again and aid others such as you helped me.

  88. Que as pessoas dessa cidade se reunam e não deixem que essa injustiça aconteça salvem Lennox…
    A união faz a força!
    Se juntem, protestem clamem por justiça….
    Salvem esse cão dessa ignorância….
    Lennox o Brasil está torcendo por vc e mandando muita energia positiva para que vc reencontre sua família!!!!!!

  89. Lennox deserves to live, please do not commit such barbarity, he is innocent, do not blame them for human acts, Lennox is loved by his owners and his place is alongside the owners of it. Save Lennox.

  90. I am in favor of freedom of Lennox, he deserves to be happy with the owners of it, I’m in this fight to save the life of Lennox, I humbly ask not take the life of this innocent soul.

  91. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner and the owners of Lennox were anything but. Lennox was and I hope still is a kind, loving, affectionate dog and hearing about his plight makes me lose any hope in the human race I may have had. I wish I could do something. I hope your suffering ends soon Lennox. Belfast, don’t count on my patronage any time soon. I will certainly be telling everyone I know about this injustice. No one should set foot inside Belfast until Lennox is free. There’s still a way to begin to make this right Belfast. Release Lennox to his loving family and repeal all BSL.

  92. Some “court system” you have Belfast. I hope your tourism economy goes to hell. You MURDERED a friendly, beloved dog over his LOOKS?! Shame on you! How about you start putting people to death if they LOOK LIKE TROUBLE? That would make sense with your f***ed up laws! I’ll make sure me, my family or friends NEVER STEPS FOOT IN YOUR CITY! You just put yourself at war with every dog-lover in the world, have fun.

  93. Lennox was invited to live in USA by César Milan, a dog whisperer, he is a famous dog trainer, he will help Lennox to be safe. Victoria Stilwell, with the program “It1s me or the dog” will help it also. Contact them.

  94. Redeem yourselves while you still have the time to do so. At least let this dog be re-homed out of Northern Ireland. Executing this childs dog could well bring down Belfst City Council

  95. Prime Minister David Cameron should stay the execution of Lennox and order the Ministry of Agriculture to release the dog immediately. I believe in the gaia theory. If Northern Ireland executes this defenseless dog, who has already been tortured for 2 years in solitary confinement, maybe retribution will be a comet explosion above Belfast, or an asteroid collision with their cowardly, miserable city.

  96. the save Lennox video shows a huge pile of dead dogs. That is Belfast. The BCC has blood on their hands from many other innocent dogs they have killed. I only hope that their evil karma plays out in this lifetime. They are as bad as the Nazi ideology which condemned for religion and ethnicity.
    May they burn in hell and may hell for them be here on earth.

  97. In all senses of decency and humanity, the behavior of the Belfast judicial system, in regards to both their “legal” actions and their treatment of Lennox while in their custody, is simply unconscionable.

  98. Ireland you should be ashamed of yourself, you will never see me there!!
    I sent you my middle finger! Stupid people who think they know something about dogs!!

    An American Staffordshire Terrier LOVER!!!

  99. I will never visit the UK or purchase products from there. This law must be changed everywhere, however. It is racial profiling for animals. Horrid.

  100. let Lennox go, how am i supposed to teach my kid about our heritage and our background when they do something this cold. how is my daughter not going to be hurt that the queen doesn’t even care about a innocent dog. how do i tell my son it is wrong to lie when you’re in court on the stand when they got away with it. it’s unfair and unjust. its flat out heartbreaking. there are many lessons here.

  101. Do not kill Lennox. He has harmed no one and has given only love. It smacks of ethnic cleansing. This is a living brearhing being. Please set him free. We love you Lennox

  102. Belfast, do you want to be known as the city that murders ‘innnocents’ because of the way they look? Is this also the image you want to portray to your children? You should feel ashamed to be part of the human race.. but then again you can’t be human, as they have feelings & compassion.. which you are sadly lacking. May you come to your senses before it is too late! This is not the end of the matter but the beginning, as the fight to put an end to the BSL law has only just begun!

  103. Do the right thing and let Lennox live!!!!!! He deserves to live a happy life!!!!!! His time is not up!!!! We will not give up!!!!!

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